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A Political Orphan’s playlist for 2017

A Political Orphan’s playlist for 2017

Leonard Cohen died on the Monday before Election Day, 2016. It’s good he didn’t see this, though it seems like he spent his life singing about it. Here’s a playlist that seems to sum up our year, starting and ending with Cohen.

This had to make into the list just because of the guy in the crowd waving the Trump for President sign. See if you can spot it.


  1. Heading into the new year, Democrats look to be holding onto a monstrous 13+ pt advantage (!), according to FiveThirtyEight.

    Beyond the eye-popping numbers however, looking back over the course of several months reveals a disturbing trend for Republicans. After starting out the year in the mid to low 40s, the GOP has since seen its support consistently drop into the mid 30s, and is now starting to trend dangerously close to breaching the 20s in some polls.

    Democrats, by contrast, have seen a consistent tick upwards. After starting out with low to mid-single digit leads, their support’s ballooned to an overwhelming 13 pt average on FTE, breaching the critical 50% average for the first time ever.

    This is, of course, the largest lead Dems have had since right before the ’08 landslide, with still a little under a year to go before the midterms. Could Republicans win back some ground before that happens? It’s possible, but the fact that they’re *this* much underwater this far out could portend a Democratic tsunami to eclipse even so-called wave years that preceded it.

  2. Another one from the fantastic Patty Griffin (God Bless Texas), “No Bad News”

    And we won’t be afraid, we won’t be afraid, and though the darkness may come our way
    We won’t be afraid to be alive anymore
    And we’ll grow kindness in our hearts for all the strangers among us
    Till there are no strangers anymore

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