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Action Request from Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Action Request from Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a climate advocacy group focused on grassroots political engagement. Their board includes former Reagan Administration Secretary of State, George Schultz, former Rep. Bob Inglis, and climate scientist James Hansen. By forming local chapters all over the country, including one in my town, they are building a political force in favor of climate action from the ground up. CCL is planning a big lobbying push next week. To support that effort, they need voters to contact their representatives today, June 6th, to urge their support. This is just as important if you live in a Democratic district as in a Republican one. We need our legislators to know that voters care about this issue. Here are links to CCL’s organizing tools and their instructions:

On ​June 12th, 2018, over a thousand citizens from across the nation will meet with members of Congress in DC to ask them to enact Carbon Fee & Dividend.

We need you to call your legislators on Wednesday, June 6th to amplify our voices and help move Congress closer to passing our legislation. If you can’t get through on Wednesday, try leaving a message in the evening or try again on Thursday, June 7th.

Make your call!

Use CCL’s calling tool.

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  1. “What Happens When a Bad-Tempered, Distractible Doofus Runs an Empire?”

    In short, an idiot stirring up an institutional pot of personal grievances, militarism, and right wing hysteria may not destroy the country himself, but after the institutions have lost their footing, the chaos that remains might. Here’s hoping 4 years has less impact than the 20 Kaiser Wilhelm II ruled Germany.

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