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Boring Politics: It’s Everything I Dreamt It Might Be

Boring Politics: It’s Everything I Dreamt It Might Be

This week the Senate Parliamentarian ruled that a minimum wage hike cannot be added to a budget bill by reconciliation. More Biden cabinet nominees moved through their confirmation hearings, boring, boring confirmation hearings. Manufacturers announced a big boost in vaccine production next month. The US is already looking more like the US, administering more than 20 times more vaccines a day than the pace of new infections. We’re not out of February yet and already more than 20% of our total population has received their first jab. If Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine wins approval today, vaccine availability will double next month.

The most powerful lunatic in US politics is now just a freshman Republican Representative from some provincial backwater who will never see any part of the White House not open to tourists. Manhattan prosecutors have Trump’s tax returns. Federal AG’s are preparing to continue the Bannon prosecution despite his pardon. Last week’s biggest story was a weather disaster. No one threw paper towels at the victims.

In short, politics is boring again and it’s wonderful.

Of course, we’re in the eye of the storm. Republicans, momentarily dazed by an unexplainable defeat, will gather what remains of their wits. Violence we saw in January will come surging back nationwide with full-throated support from Republican elected officials. But for the moment, it’s so nice to be bored by politics.


  1. It’s not boring to me. The Republicans are still doing everything they can to be the most visible asshole; the Democrats are still just trying to inch things forward through process; for some reason that very honestly should freak people out, the GOP is still licking the shoes of the one-term, never popular vote winning, pandemic heightening, half-a-million American killing obviously bankrupt command despite the fact the nuclear football is taken away and the Twitter account is no longer running live on CNN.

    Why? There’s kompromat, and then there’s whatever the fuck this is.

  2. A momentary reprieve that we badly need. But in 2022…I think it’s nearly certain that the party in power loses the house…and 2024, it’s still quite scary.

    One area the Democrats should play hardball is voting access, and perhaps some move on union reform (esp sectoral bargaining) towards a similar end. A more expansive electorate will bring a better politics on average.

  3. I hoping Biden will be a stealth President. By that I mean that he is not going to be confrontational, but will consistently govern with a progressive bent and move things in a progressive direction. He campaigned that way, quietly without making a lot of headlines. But he became the consensus nominee. Then became the President with solid majorities. He has acted that way as President. He has not made huge headlines, has not created at lot of turmoil, but has accomplished some substantial improvements. The vaccination situation is improving slowly but steadily and the overall COVID situation appears to be improving. I did note how he handled the situation with De Joy. While De Joy was crowing in front of Congress, Joe had the Press Secretary announce, that he woulda appoint three people to the USPS board, who would vote to replace De Joy. The low profile approach seems to be the way the COVID relief bill is being handled. The minimum wage appears to be blocked, but he is turning to an alternate approach. We do not know the approach yet, but I am sure there will be one. It may be successful. All in all that seems to be Joe’s approach – low key, but effective.

    As an aside, my wife and and I have gotten both COVID shots. Hers through Kaiser Permanente and mine through the VA. Both are doing an excellent job of administering the vaccines. They are organized and getting the job done. The VA does have an independent allotment and wants to administer shots to all veterans. The requirement is that they be eligible for VA Health Care and be registered with the VA. For any veterans, who read this blog I highly urge you to investigate the VA as a source. In the Seattle area they are now administering the vaccinations to veterans over the age of 55. KP could have an independent allotment as well, though they are following the state guidelines.

  4. I seem to remember a post arguing that the most important election was going to be 2022. I still think that’s correct.

    Right now, the Democratic Party are making all the center-right decisions that excites no one.

    Meanwhile, the Republican Party is passing state laws by the hundreds to disenfranchise as many people as possible before 2022.

    I believe 2020 is pointless if 2022 gives back the House and Senate.

    1. I think the nexus point is whether the Dems will be willing to nuke the filibuster in order to pass the John Lewis Civil Rights Bill. There will be pushback in the courts against this voter suppression ratfuckery, but that bill would be the most effective counter. A Dem party that gets it passed would be a Dem party that finally gets that it’s useless and dangerous to expect the GOP to play fair.

  5. The only people worried about politics becoming boring are the NY Times and WaPo. Their subscriptions soared during the Trump administration. Now, fewer people will feel the need to read them.

    Talking about boring political stuff. As you’re probably well aware, I’m not a fan of Biden. But he’s made one nomination that will make me reconsider: Gary Gensler to be SEC chief. Gensler is a former Goldman Sachs man, who was appointed by Obama to run the CFTC, another one of those obscure financial institutions that nevertheless wields enormous power. He was expected to do what Goldman alumni usually do: coddle the industry, make a few meaningless speeches, and wait for the inevitable payday at the end of his term. Fortunately for us, he didn’t turn out that way. When he started actually functioning like a regulator and not a bought-and-paid-for stooge of the finance industry, Obama replaced him.

    My strong, strong suspicion, is that this is Elizabeth Warren’s doing. This is probably one of her asks, and Biden complied. Gensler comes from the best tradition of good regulators: an insider who knows how the game is played and where the bodies are buried, but who decides to turn traitor to his former colleagues, and actually work in the public interest. If he stays that way, we might finally see meaningful enforcement actions from the SEC.

  6. Give it a day or so. The golden idol of the tyrant was just rolled down the hallway for the beginning of CPAC. That is in the very literal sense. Sullivan tweeted the images.

    The loser party keeps on losing because they keep thinking that playing by a set of rules the enemy has long ignored will somehow endear the loser party to enough voters to ensure the 2022 and 2024 elections go their way. As usual, hopelessly naive, hopelessly wrong.

    The enemy has already started creating more stringent voter suppression laws in key states so the 2020 election can’t be replicated.

      1. It has been said 10,000 times. This is a death cult. Nothing more, nothing less. The making of the tyrant into some kind of prophet, or messiah, is right out of a textbook. The only option left is to make him a martyr. That option will lead to chaos, violence, maybe war. But the other options are even worse.

  7. It seems the Republican party has become a party of suicide bombers in their insane devotion to the dear leader. The GOP has a lot of force and still has the power to destroy the nation. You would think simple survival instinct would be enough to repudiate ex 45.

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