Dr. King’s last Sunday Sermon

Recalling King’s 1963 “I Have A Dream” speech has become a national liturgy on this day when we remember his life. After he died, King became America’s favorite black man, partly because his absence let us forget the rest of his prophetic legacy. Today, let’s review an excerpt from King’s …

What is Racism?

A new post at Forbes explores reasons for the apparent reluctance to settle on a definition and some of the roots of the concept of race in an American context. It also proposes a definition.

Q&A with the author of Masterless Men

Surely, at certain times and in certain places, racial superiority is all that matters to some people. But life is generally a lot more complicated than simple racial hatred. All people resent their own oppression, even when they are much “less oppressed” than other groups. Even if you finish last in the “Pain and Oppression Olympics,” you’re still in pain and oppressed.

Why white people won’t talk about race

Nice people don’t talk about race. It’s a white cultural convention that rendered Republicans impotent against an onslaught of racist rhetoric from figures like Donald Trump and Roy Moore. It’s a idea that has to die before it kills us.

Southern preachers and the Southern Strategy

The problem is that Nixon’s Southern Strategy mostly flopped. By some measures he was less successful in the South than Goldwater had been and the Republicans made few inroads there farther down the ticket. The flight of the Dixiecrats didn’t materialize in serious numbers at the local level until the late ’80’s. Something else was at work here to turn the South red.