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    Chris Ladd

    Feel free to speak your mind. Be respectful of others. “Colorful” language is fine, but please avoid personally offensive comments. When in doubt, please refer to Wheaton’s Law for guidance.

    Please use this thread for feedback on the forum itself or for questions. This space may be rehabbed after a few months of use. Interested to know what is and isn’t working here as we explore options.

    If you are interested in becoming a moderator and posting your own topics please register, then send an email to polorphans at gmail. We’ll see.

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    mary guercio

    Chris, Which area of the site would be appropriate/preferred for random posts of links we would like to share but aren’t on point with current blog posts?

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      Chris Ladd

      You mean, material that is “Off Topic?” Hmmm…

      Yea, right here.

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    mary guercio

    Is it time to make an “Action Steps we are taking, #2”? The posts are long…and I suspect this will be an area of continuous comment.

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    Where could I post thoughts as a curious outsider. I am not a US citizen but am utterly fascinated with its processes and practice. I used to consider myself a closet democrat (albeit a fiscally conservative one) had I been a US citizen. My mum and sister are US citizens so I guess that’s a close enough association for me and it is the greatest and most fascinating country in the world. I started following your blog shortly before the elections when you seemed certain Trump and the republican party were going to pay a big price for their dog whistle politics… alas, how wrong we all where. Still the new dispensation makes for fascinating watching… I just hope it doesn’t all end in fire and ash. Anyway, do let me know on what forum I can post questions and random musings.

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    Chris Ladd

    Philzy, you should have rights now to post new material in the forum. Let me know if you run into issues.

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