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    David J Staszak

    I am in a bit of a fight with my local paper. They carry Cal Thomas, Pat Buchanan and George Will as their “conservative” columnists. I think these guys are either over the hill (Will) or very close to being right wingnuts (Thomas and Buchanan). Are there any younger, less dogmatic and insightful columnists that I can recommend that they consider as alternatives? The names that come to my mind are people like Andrew Sullivan, David Frum, David Brooks. But I am not sure if they are available or affordable for small town paper. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Hope I didn’t offend anyone by my disdain for their current choices.

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    Creigh Gordon

    I’m not sure why the media chases balance or bipartisanship for its own sake. I’m looking for intellectual honesty, and for those who hold others to a standard of intellectual honesty. Of the names you mention, David Frum seems to get that. There’s a few at The American Conservative who are often willing to criticize their own side. That’s intellectual honesty, to be sure. But I guess I’d also like more, someone who could argue compellingly for their side. That’s harder to find.

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    Daniel Farina

    Pat Buchanan is a straight up fascist. I mean this in in a very technical sense. They may as well find a Stalinoid to write to balance things out.

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    I hear Milo Yiannopoulos may be affordable nowadays, seeing as his gravy train as been derailed. He’s been spotted doing dietary-supplement adverts on Alex Jones’s channel.

    I loathe Yiannopoulos and everything he stands for, but he may arguably be a better voice of where conservatism is nowadays than Pat Buchanan.

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    Creigh Gordon

    Maybe your problem is that younger, less dogmatic, insightful, and conservative are mutually exclusive terms….

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