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      Creigh Gordon

      Tucker Carlson emitted a monologue on economics and culture that raised a lot of controversy on the right, as a critique of American capitalism.

      To an extent, it’s the old story that economic forces that hit the inner cities–where it was “a failure of the family” or something–is now causing the same result in rural whites, meaning it must be something that is being done to them, in this case by economic elites, somehow. Here it is:

      This was followed up by an interview with Carlson at Vox, discussing the article and criticisms.

      This monologue, along with Marco Rubio’s Atlantic essay, definitely reflect some new thinking in the Republican party. For that matter, it’s new thinking for the non-Sanders/Warren wing of the Democratic party, which has largely accepted global capitalism as inevitable, and accepted identity politics as its response.

      Conservatives will become relevant when they start proposing real solutions to real problems.

      (Of course the next day Carlson was back on TV pushing the national emergency at the southern border…)

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