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    The Internet is abuzz with reports of all sorts of rumors of angry Trump supporters or Clinton supporters lashing out at people from the other side. I would ask that no one post any of them here unless they have some verification. A video is a gold standard, obviously, but at least a police report or some corroborating witnesses. I don’t take Facebook posts at their word, and I don’t want to get caught up in falsely accusing anyone.

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    Robin R.

    Absolutely. I’ve seen so many reposts & tweets of things without evidence, and I fear it turning into a “crying wolf” situation, in addition to the chance that someone is falsely accused of crimes.

    Also, we should be wary of reposting any “news” articles that state dire things, until after we’ve corroborated them with legitimate news sources. I’ve seen a lot of blogs/thinkpieces disguised as news in the last few days, and I think at some point those hurt more than they help.

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