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    mary guercio

    How many times have we read about people who profess to be Christians yet they do things like what was reported today about Judge Roy Moore, AL GOPSenator-Elect. It bothers me more deeply when people use religion to cloak ambition and financial gain. Even more so than it would if a person robbed a bank. Somehow, that seems more honest than when a person of “faith” misrepresents their financial operations. Even if what is being done is legal, is it moral? I’ll let you figure it out. I know where I stand on this.

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    This is disgusting, you’re right.

    Apparently the religious-charity sector is more beset by fraud than any other. Something about religion draws them in. My hypothesis is that religious communities’ habits of trusting one another based on “good faith” and being unwilling to say bad things about one another, inadvertently makes them vulnerable to this sort of scum.

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