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    Aaron Dow

    Staunch Republican was she,
    Wholly, absolutely,
    Till hell freezes over;
    Solid as a diamond
    Plumb back to Abraham Lincoln.
    (Don’t call him “Abe”;
    I hear he didn’t like it.)

    She endured the bad years–
    The terms of the opposition:
    The New Deal, the New Frontier,
    The New Society–
    But with scorn, anguish, horror.
    “The Democrats,” she scoffed,
    “Don’t even know what makes a
    pig’s tail curl.”

    When it happened–after Roosevelt’s fourth election–
    That her calf caught a leg in a fence
    And crippled it wholly, absolutley,
    She cried, “It’s that man
    in the White House!”

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    Aaron Dow

    James Still was an American poet and Kentucky’s first Poet Laureate, who lived most of his life in a log house in Knott County, Kentucky. I found a book of his poems in a box on the sidewalk and thought I’d share this one for a bit of levity.

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