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    I’ve had some other obligations, so I haven’t done a lot of posting here or much political stuff in the last few weeks. But I’m getting some more time for that now. One of the things I want to do here is start a new thread for the science march. First, here is the main link in a place that’s easy to find:

    I have a number of e-mails about the march that I’ll post in reply here, and I’ll relate my experiences as I actually start doing stuff!

    Don the Con’s proposed budget (he’s going to increase defense spending by 10% AND cut taxes for the rich AND build that white elephant boondoggle of a wall AND not cut SS, etc.) should make anyone who cares about scientific research very worried.

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    To March or not to March?

    While I understand the concerns about this making scientists seem like just another biased interest group, I think we no longer have the luxury of being politically neutral in our professional lives. There has been a politically partisan attack on science from the right wing going on for years, and it’s accelerating at a frightening pace. The LWNJs are also emboldened with a conspiracy theory fan in the White House. It’s time to defend our interests and we can also teach people at the same time about how R&D improves their lives and feeds the economy.

    Personally I think the March itself will be quite enjoyable. April in Houston is usually a great time to be outdoors and volunteering will be good for me on multiple levels. I expect to meet some great people. Now having to talk to some of our clueless local GOP officials-bleah. That’s the real sacrifice. I’d rather dissect maggots.

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    Here are the 2 most recent e-mails I received from the organizers.

    We are so pleased to announce our first cohort of partners today. More than 25 partners are now listed on the March for Science website, and we anticipate adding many more partners in the coming weeks. The diversity of science-based organizations joining the March for Science movement speaks to the importance of the mission and the need for scientists across disciplines to stand up for the vital public service role science plays in society and policy-making.

    Our partners include the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Sigma Xi, the American Association of University Professors, the American Geophysical Union, the Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science, 500 Women Scientists, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and Earth Day Network.

    In the coming weeks we will be announcing another wave of partners in addition to plans for the weeks leading up to March Day, the March itself, and what happens to the March for Science after April 22.

    For more updates on the march, visit our website, our Facebook page ( ), or our Twitter account ( ).

    More information on more than 300 Marches for Science happening around the world can be found here ( ).

    To support the march, please visit us here ( ). Our official merchandise is available for sale at ( )


    e-mail #2 which has things to volunteer for!

    Good afternoon!
    Thank you for your interest in helping organize March for Science – Houston, we are currently looking for volunteers to fill the following positions:

    Safety: Members will carry a bullhorn and a walkie talkie to communicate with other safety team members, they will also cooperate with the HPD officers hired to maintain the peace.
    Photography: We are looking for experienced photographers, professional or cover different angles at the March for Science – Houston event.
    videograpers: We are looking for experienced videographers, professional or cover different angles at the March for Science – Houston event.
    Accessibility: Members will help ensure our different abled marchers can safely navigate the march route and participate in the rally portion of our event. They may also help those in wheelchairs or who need to find seating.
    Deputy Voter Registrars: at this time we do not need any more Harris County voter registrars, but if you are deputized on a surrounding county, please let us know.
    Environmental / Cleanup: Members of this team will ensure that the route and staging area are left spotless after the march is over. We currently have a planning committee, however we need people who are willing to help clean at the event.

    If you can help in any of these areas, please send us an email to


    I’m thinking Safety and cleanup as a start, and I’ll ask about what’s needed for the voter reg stuff. I’m in Brazoria Co. Off to reply! And then buy the T-shirt.

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    The first flyers for the Houston March for Science have been printed, and I’ve been posting them around. We don’t have the final march route yet, although there is talk that Discovery Green will be a start or end point. We do have at least 7 speakers in our line up:

    Huda Y. Zoghbi, MD
    Ronald A. DePinho, MD
    Patrice O. Yarbrough, MD
    Andreas S. Tolias, PhD
    Brian M. Bruel, MD
    Annika O’Brien
    John Russell Moffitt

    Musical entertainment by the BCM Neuroscientist Band “Tulipfinger”.

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    An e-mail from one of the Science Dept. Chairs at Rice:

    “Hello everyone –

    As many of you are likely aware, there is going to be a national and international March for Science on April 22. This is billed as a non-partisan event, meant to stress the importance of science to humanity and the role of science in informing government policy and
    decision-making. In my view, in present times these points cannot be emphasized strongly enough. If these matters are of interest to you, I encourage you to participate!

    In the local Houston area, there is going to be a sister event to the national march in DC. The relevant links for more information are:

    Here are statements from our relevant professional societies in support of this event:

    I hope to see you there!”

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      mary guercio

      Fly I hope to march on this day. I will be happy to post an article and/or link on our MontgomerySpring Indivisible fb page. It’s private so I would have to do it unless you are interseted in becoming a member, in which case I would sponsor you. I love the kids event. It is simply incredulous that there should be a need for soemthing like this but it’s here, and we have to resist. If you want to private message me, you can do so but you may already have my email too. I’ll post whatever you provide me. This group has several hundred members so it would have wide visibility.

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      Hi Mary, I’m not a Facebook person, so please post away if you wish! I’ll be making more updates as this gathers steam.

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    Latest e-mail update:


    We have some wonderful march updates to share!

    We are delighted to announce our second round of partners today, among them the Alliance for Science, American Federation of Teachers, American Public Health Association, American Physical Society, American California Academy of Sciences, Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, The Field Museum, Genetics Society of America, National Society of Black Physicists, Phi Beta Kappa, Society for Neuroscience, and United Automobile, Aerospace, and Agricultural Implement Workers.

    Accessibility details for the March for Science in Washington D.C. are now on our website! Although more information will be released when the site plan is finalized, there is information available on ASL interpreters, audio description, accessible seating areas, and march route accommodations. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us at

    We have an amazing team of volunteers working with us, but we do need more help! Starting at the end of this week we will post a list of volunteer positions needed on our website. We know that many of you have been patiently waiting for us to get in touch, and we’ve worked our way through about half of our list, but we thought this might streamline things a bit.

    Please keep sending your incredible stories about how #scienceserves to Be on the lookout on March 20th, when we premier our video series!

    Last, but certainly not least, it’s 3/14 – otherwise known as “Pi Day!” To celebrate, we’re asking you to support the March for Science by contributing $3.14, $31.42, or even $314.15 to our cause. Your *pi*-nancial assistance will help us strengthen our advocacy for science and its important role in public life and policy. If you care about science, then supporting the March for Science is rational – even if π isn’t!

    Shirts for the March for Science and satellite cities can be found at We have some incredible new designs coming out later this week.

    The March for Science Team
    Our mailing address is:
    March for Science
    60 East 42nd StreetNew York, NY 10017

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      mary guercio

      I’ll be happy to make a donation, Fly. I hope Cornyn and Brady will protect research funding – not only here in TX, but for the NIH and more.

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    Just got back from a Houston March for Science staff meeting, and here are some important updates for all Houston area orphans who wish to attend:

    Starting point: Sam Houston Park (NW side of Bagby). The actual marching starts at 11:30 am, so make allowances for the time needed to park or ride in on the metrorail.

    The route: sW down Bagby, the turn left onto Dallas St. Go 3 blocks, then turn left into Louisiana St. Go 3 blocks, then turn left onto Walker. Go 1 block, the turn left on Smith. That puts you at the end point Herman Square.

    Anyone who doesn’t want to do the march part can go straight to Herman Square. The band will be set up early and playing, and the teaching tables will be there. If you’re bringing kids, you should especially go check them out.

    The speakers are scheduled to start at 12:30. We expect the event to wrap up around 2:30- 3pm.

    Signs- you may bring your own sign. Please keep them clean (this is a family friendly event) and non-partisan. Pretty much everyone there isn’t going to be a fan of Trump or Cruz, but the message we wish to send is that science benefits us all and it needs everyone’s support. A good guideline- is this sign appropriate for an 8-year old child to read?

    Also no stick mounted signs for safety reasons. Use cardboard, poster board, or the corrugated plastic board.

    We will have areas set aside for people in wheelchairs. There will be water stations for the marchers (BYOB), and very likely some food trucks there. More details to come.

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    For anyone who was interested in donating $:


    Are you as excited as we are for March for Science – Houston?! April 22nd is almost here! Your donations and shirt purchases have gotten us very far, but we’re not quite there yet.
    Houston heat is unforgiving, and we would love to have water available. In order to keep our goal of being environmentally friendly, we have sought a company that provides water in no-waste containers (check them out here); however, to hydrate our expected number of guests, it would cost around $1500. Additionally, waste and recycling management has turned out to be a greater expense than we had calculated.
    Please help us raise the extra funds to make these two essential items available at our event!
    Because our fundraiser is unable to make our funds available in time to reserve these services, we have been forced to take donations via PayPal. We need you! Please donate here, and make sure to send it as a gift so you avoid fees. Please note, the funds currently in our Generosity fundraiser will be donated in full to a local science non-profit.
    Your generosity and willingness to stand up for science and our planet has gotten us this far, Houston, and we have no doubt you’ll help us reach our hydration and environmental goals!

    Yours in Science,
    Your March for Science – Houston
    Coordinators & Volunteers

    I’ll be on the cleanup crew. Last I heard there were 2000-ish people who RSVP’d via FaceBook. We’re basing our estimated needs for dumpsters/ recycling bins on 10,000, given how the Women’s March grew so quickly.

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      mary guercio

      Fly I am unable to attend but did send in a donation to help. I will be with you in spirit. Couldn’t work out coverage at home on a Sat. I hope the weather gives you a break and that it is goes well. Thanks for all you’ve contributed to make it happen.

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    Thank you for helping to organise this, Fly! Myself and several of my colleagues will be taking part in the London march.

    “There is a single light of science, and to brighten it anywhere is to brighten it everywhere.”
    – Isaac Asimov

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    Mary, EJ thanks for your support. My brain hat is done (I’ve been showing it off to my fellow nerds), and I’m finishing up signs to share. I have 3 different themes:”KEEP AMERICAN SCIENCE EXCEPTIONAL”, “MAKE AMERICA SMART AGAIN, TEACH SCIENCE, FUND SCIENCE”, and “SCIENCE IS BEAUTIFUL” which will include some eye-catching microscopy images.

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    On the MetroRail on my way to the March now.

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    Aaron Dow

    Good job, Flypusher. Your work and everyone you teamed up with were seen.

    If you got any mailing lists or contacts, or have networked with any activist groups during the march and it’s lead up, be sure to reach out to them to ask about next steps.

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