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    mary guercio

    There is a visceral sense of commitment by Republicans and Trump to savage any action by regulation, E.O., or legislation. The men and women who T has appointed to head various agencies of government have methodically stripped, amended, or flat out eliminated the agencies they direct. They are just getting started as this piece from Politico points out.

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    I saved this op-ed Joy Reid wrote back in October because she methodically lays out the inevitable racist reaction to a successful two term African American presidency. Trump was the inevitable reaction to a black man succeeding in a tough job on an international stage. Millennials and women in particular are really woke. They have been gob smacked by the outward hostility of this President and his Tony Soprano administration. To me that is the blessing of this madness.

    I think they will show up November 2018 as well as 2020 and deliver their verdict. It will be definitive and loud and regardless of Mueller’s actions will be what actually hobbles and ultimately delegitimizes this administration. This time next year Trump will stay in the residence watching Fox and Friends and tweet the rest of his lazy, bigoted, misogynist term before scurrying back to New York to face money laundering and fraud charges.

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