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    Do you hate the gerrymander? Want to help kill it? Here’s our first chance. Rep Donna Howard (D-Austin) has filed HB 369 and H.J.R 32 to propose an amendment to the Texas State Constitution that would create the Texas Redistricting Commission, a new, independent body consisting of regular citizens appointed by each political party, charged with the job of re-drawing the voting districts after each census. The law would require the commission to try to stick to the boundaries of cities, counties, and school districts when possible, and to include an even spread of population within each district.

    HRJ 32 has made it to the House Redistricting Committee. All Texas citizens can call the members of this committee to express support for this proposed amendment-tell them that you want them to vote to pass the bill to the House. Here are their names and office phone numbers:

    Chair: Rep Cindy Burkett (TX-113) (512) 463-0464
    Vice Chair: Rep Eric Johnson (TX-100) (512) 463-0586
    Member: Rep Drew Darby (TX-72) (512) 463-0331
    Member: Rep Ana Hernandez (TX-143) (512) 463-0614
    Member: Rep Armando Martinez (TX-39) (512) 463-0530
    Member: Will Metcalf (TX-16) (512) 463-0726
    Member: Rep Tan Parker (TX-63) (512) 463-0688
    Member: Rep Eddie Rodriguez (TX-51) (512) 463-0674
    Member: Rep Drew Springer (TX-68) (512) 463-0526.

    The gerrymander needs to go extinct. Step 1 is to get this out of committee.

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    mary guercio

    Fly – I am going to copy & paste your notice into my FB group…Yes, this is important and deserves as much attention as any legislation that is pending. Thanks.

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    mary guercio

    Your post is prominently displayed on my group’s page. I hope it will generate some phone calls.

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    mary guercio
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    How about pushing for 3-seat proportional state representative elections so that a Republican and a Democrat are elected for each state-district, not unlike what existed in IL from 1870-1980?

    It’s harder to gerrymander districts that use 3-seat PR for one state branch and 1-seat single-winner for another.

    It’s a simple rule change that ends the tendency for a state to be dominated by any one party, as Texas Republicans will dislike when demographics catches up with it.

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    Ryan Ashfyre

    Do all ballot measures in Texas have to be put to the voters by the legislature or can people get enough signatures on a petition to do it like in other states?

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    Aaron Dow

    This week’s Actions Checklist has the first moves of the citizens’ battle against the gerrymander:

    It’s going to take 4 things to gain seats in 2018 midterm elections. Starting now matters.

    + Action 1: Curtail gerrymandering.
    Call: Your House representative (lookup).
    Script: I’m from ZIP and support fair voting and efforts to stop racially discriminatory gerrymandering. Although this issue is going to the Supreme Court, I’m calling to ask you to support HB711 to address this issue legislatively.

    + Action 2: Fight expensive, discriminatory voter suppression.
    Donate: Spread the Vote is raising funds to help vulnerable voters afford to purchase required ID. You can help.

    + Action 3: Advocate for accessible voting locations, hours, and mail-in voting.
    Call: Your Secretary of State (lookup), click on your SoS’ website link.
    Script: I’m a resident of _STATE_ and want to know what my Secretary of State is doing to increase voter participation. (pause) I would like to see our state copy Oregon’s model of voting by mail and automatic voter registration when obtaining a driver’s license. At the very least, I want better options for mail-in voting, more polling stations, and increased hours. What will it take for this to be on his/her agenda?

    (Put this in your calendar to call monthly about this issue.)

    + Action 4: Resist new federal-level efforts to weaken election oversight.
    Visit: 2 Hours A Week
    Follow their excellent script on opposing federal-level voter suppression in the proposed Election Assistance Termination Act.

    + Bonus action for Florida residents: Restore voting rights to 1.6M Floridians.

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    Aaron Dow

    Do you live in one of these 30 states considering passing automatic voter registration?

    Call or write your state legislators to tell them why automatic voter registration is a priority and describing to them any difficult you’ve had registering to vote in previous elections if relevant.

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