Things America Has Done in the Name of Security

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    mary guercio

    This report from The Guardian just blows me away. It’s been years since the videos from Abu Ghraib surfaced. But I have never forgotten those scenes – prisoners shackled, stripped, dogs, weapons drawn…2003 and the actions perpetrated under the command of then president GW Bush and his evil VP, Dick Cheney et al, will continue to surface.

    America – land of the free – home to Democracy…Read on. Today, our American prisons could tell stories as horrible, if walls could talk. Will we never learn?

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    The first step toward learning is admitting our mistakes. I was really hoping we could at least close Gitmo as a gesture to the world.

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      mary guercio

      Yes, I know Obama tried but was rebuffed at every turn. He did, however, reduce the population significantly, which was within his authority and is an achievement.

      This article sickened me. I have no doubt that these things are still going on. These two psychologists deserve a special place in hell for their role in this atrocity. They should have been charged….

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