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Fun Presidential Trivia

Fun Presidential Trivia

Hey kids. You know what’s a fun way to learn about the history of our country? A trivia game! Here’s a chance to test your knowledge of America’s Presidents while learning lessons about history. Hard lessons. Lessons that will challenge your illusions of safety and leave dark stains on your soul.

Let’s play!

How many US Presidents are from Ohio?

Who was the first US President to ride a train?
Andrew Jackson

Which President’s were sons of a President?
John Q. Adams and George W. Bush

Who was the first US President installed in office with help from Russian intelligence?
According to AG Barr’s summary of the Mueller Report, it was Donald Trump

Which First Lady was the US’s first delegate to the United Nations
Eleanor Roosevelt

How many First Ladies had a career in nude modeling?
Only one, Melania Trump, pictured above in one of her tasteful, soft-core lesbian sets.

Who was the only President born in Kentucky?
Abraham Lincoln

How many Presidents have been fined by the US government for money laundering?
Just one, Donald Trump.

Who was the first President to publish an academic paper while in office?
Barack Obama

Who is the only President granted a patent?
Abraham Lincoln

Who was the first President to pay a settlement for running a fake university?
Donald Trump

Which President put his peanut farm in a blind trust to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest?
Jimmy Carter

How many President’s have accepted payments from foreign governments while in office?
Only one, Donald Trump.

Which US President spent his subsequent career building homes for the poor?
Jimmy Carter

Which US President was fined by the federal government for housing discrimination?
Donald Trump

How many US Presidents had their charities disbanded due to fraud?
Just one, Donald Trump

Which US President said of our border with Mexico, “open the border both ways?”
Ronald Reagan

Which US President arrested and imprisoned the children of legal immigrants to punish them for seeking asylum?
Donald Trump

How many US Presidents were forced to settle sexual assault lawsuits?
Bill Clinton and Donald Trump

How many US Presidents paid illegal hush money to hookers out of campaign funds?
Just Donald Trump

How many US Presidents bragged about their sexual assaults on tape?
Donald Trump

How many US Presidents were identified as un-indicted co-conspirators in a felony case?
Richard Nixon and Donald Trump

How many US Presidents filed for multiple bankruptcies?
Donald Trump

Which US President embezzled money from his charitable foundation?
Donald Trump

Which US President appealed to ‘the better angels of our nature’ to heal bitter national divisions?
Abraham Lincoln

Which US President offered to pay the legal bills of thugs who assaulted dissidents at campaign rallies?
Donald Trump

How many US Presidents tried to negotiate business deals with hostile foreign leaders while running for office?
Just one. Guess who.

Which US Presidents actively evaded the Vietnam draft?
Clinton, Bush 2, and Trump.

Which US President used a phony medical condition to escape the draft?

How many US Presidents partied with a convicted under-age sex-trafficker?
Bill Clinton and Donald Trump

Which US President was known as the “Trust-Buster” for fighting monopolies?
Teddy Roosevelt

Which US President was fined by the US government for lies told to escape anti-trust regulations?
Donald Trump

How many US Presidents were not cleared by a Special Prosecutor on obstruction of justice charges?
Nixon, Clinton and Trump

How many campaign managers for US Presidents owed millions of dollars to Russian mafia figures?
Just one, Donald Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Which US Presidents were described as ‘Individual 1’ in a felony indictment?
Richard Nixon and Donald Trump

Did we learn anything…Still there?


  1. Chris, surprised I am still able to post here, given that I am persona non grata. This entire blog post is beneath you, one that is very uncharacteristically lashing out like a child because the system you still have some faith in has utterly failed you, again, as it will continue to do.

    Just wait until SCOTUS rules after the nutbar Texas judge went after all of the ACA. I can envision the posts by you and others about battening down the hatches, redoubling you efforts getting out the vote, yada yada yada. That has worked so well so far. Then you can really vent your spleen. (Or when SCOTUS rules that the 4 page summary is all the the U.S. people need to see of Mueller’s report)

    How about this: Direct that vast intellect you have displayed time and time again towards the Brexit disaster, and compare what is happening in the U.K. to past, present, and future U.S.

    I mean the last request sincerely. You ability to distill history and current events into concise prose is far beyond the ability of the vast vast vast majority. I would love to see you craft a piece on what has happened in the U.K. and compare that to the U.S. And if you really feel ambitious, factor in Poland, Hungary, Italy. Greece, France, Brazil, and Philippines, plus the last 20-30 years in Russia and China.

    The U.S. is on a one-way ride to the Russia / China model, and no one seems to get it, or far far worse, cares.

  2. EJ

    I laughed.

    It got funnier as it went along, because the anger showed through more and more clearly; and like a lot of people, Chris, you are funnier the angrier you get.

    (Let’s see if that tasteful softcore picture causes me problems due to viewing this blog from my phone whilst on a corporate LAN. Hopefully not.)

  3. Your note about dodging the Vietnam draft is interesting because it means *every* President who was eligible for the draft dodged it. Otoh the candidates who were eligible and *lost* their bids (Gore, Kerry, McCain), except for Romney, all fought in the war.

    I guess the common wisdom that you need to be a war hero to become president is no longer true?

    1. Look back across Senate and House races for the past 20 years and you’ll notice an interesting pattern. Military figures who served in Vietnam consistently lost competitive races to candidates who did not serve, and in some cases carefully dodged duty. Military service actually seems to be a liability in elections.

      1. I don’t think it’s so much that military service is a liability, as it is that the mindset that leads one to be a “careful dodger” is one that is more effective in the current political milieu.

        I suppose military service could be a liability simply in that not serving gives a person more time in politics.

      2. The keyword in “military service” is “service.” We live in a culture that worships the scam. Anybody who lets themselves get suckered into something that looks like service is unlikely to earn much public respect.

      1. I like the way both Chris and Mary put it. As a former enlisted man (though without direct combat experience, but with service in a combat zone), I can say that military service does teach the value of teamwork and the importance of ethics and honesty. Unfortunately, those are not highly valued in today’s political climate or even in the corporate environment.

      2. EJ

        It’s my understanding that the rank and file of the military is, overall, one of the most heavily pro-Trump voter bases in the country.

        One might theorise that this is simply because the military is full of violent young men with little education who are disproportionately recruited from poor rural towns, and such oeople often gravitate to the far-Right. On the other hand, I’ve also read that some military units (especially within the Air Force) have been said to be acting as indoctrination centres for these young men while they’re vulnerable and still settling in.

        Do you have a view?

      3. That would be incorrect. Trump’s net approval rating among military personnel is about even. That’s remarkable given the fact that the military is mostly composed of his core demographic. It is disproportionately male (by a very large margin) Southern and rural (by a significant margin). They are, however, more skewed toward minorities than the general population, but not by enough to account for this number. On average, your military recruit is marginally less likely to be a Trump supporter than his cousins the same age back in their hometown.

      4. Chris, has it about right. In general the military is recruited from his core demographic, but for the most part the people in the military are also highly motivated and they enlisted to get an opportunity to improve themselves. They are not neer-do-wells.

        Personally, I fell into that category. I enlisted in 1963 when I graduated from HS. I came from a lower working class background and wanted to go to college. I thought I would get a skill and perhaps get a chance at a good life. At the time enlistment was my best option. Thanks to the Vietnam Era GI Bill, I was able to get an engineering degree and have lived a fairly good life – not without difficulties, but I got my chance.

        I was quite conservative when I enlisted. But while in Vietnam I observed what was happening. Then while at university, I started comparing what the government was saying to what I observed. I found a big difference. Slowly from that point forward, the enlightening effects of education began to kick-in and my views have shifted.

        Also at that time the Republican Party was totally different from the present one. It was fiscally conservative, but was not dogmatic like at present. Also the Republican base was largely prosperous, business oriented and based in the Northeast, Midwest and Southern California. That was the era of Goldwater. The South was Democratic because of the historical legacy of the Civil War, but the remainder of the Democratic Party was labor oriented and becoming focused on Civil Rights.

        So now I am one of those Dems.

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