Link Roundup, 1/24/2019

Chinese government app scanning the debt levels of surrounding individuals.

From the MIT Technology Review: Geography will play a big role in job losses due to automation.

From VentureBeat: Startup just earned $33m in funding to use AI for commercial real estate appraisals.

From Techspot: Chinese government releases an app that identifies people around you who are badly indebted.

From The Wall Street Journal: On the flip side, jobs in AI and machine learning are the highest paid positions in tech.

From The Washington Post: Even with the recovery, the long-term decline in workforce participation continues.


  1. So, in other news, the State dept announced an order for all non-essential gov’t employees to leave Venezuela. Now, we are still several steps away from war footing, but is this moment that the puppet tyrant has been dreaming of, where he gets to use all the toys, and at the same time provide a Wag the Dog opportunity?

    Fun part, Russia and China are lined up on the other side, so I doubt any sane person would try military intervention, but we are not talking about anyone sane left in the White House staff, are we?

    1. EJ

      Elliott Abrams. Hmmm.

      It’s as though Trump looked at the two parts of his fanbase, those who like committing felonies and those who like committing war crimes, and wondered whether there was anyone who bridged the gap.

      My sympathies to the people of Venezuela. They don’t deserve any of this.

      1. I think it could stand to be very good policy, relative to our other forms of raising revenue for the necessary business of governing. I think the percentages and cutoffs are good for a first attempt, to gain some expertise in administrating such a tax, only radical for the suffocating learned helpless we’ve become accustomed to.

  2. In the same vein of what you’ve posted about AI and automation, the elites chowing down on canapes and cocktails at Davos say that the public will have to foot the bill for the majority of the re-skilling/upskilling that will take place as the same elites put into motion and accelerate that automation:

    There’s a lot to despise about Davos and the WEF. The rich have gotten even richer and the poor have actually gotten poorer, but the Davos Men and Davos Women continue to try and explain why everything will work out in the end:

    They do this despite them being the ones who got us into this mess:

    Of course, what can you expect from the cabal of uber-rich that caved and allowed sanctioned Russian oligarchs to be a part of the festivities?

    Their continual stance as the ones who can provide a panacea for populism and nationalism also falls on deaf ears given that Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s new far-right President, was their keynote speaker this year. Even though they convene on a mountaintop each year, Davos and the WEF can claim no high ground of any sort.

    1. It is all cyclical. The rich / powerful have always been there, always will be. But every now and then, when the inequality gets too great, there is a purge as the poor rise up. Right now, it is in the form of populism. Hopefully, more will grasp who is the real enemy, and wipe them from the planet.

      Then the cycle will begin again.

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