Link Roundup, 1/26/2020

From Michigan Public Radio: Tesla just defeated the auto distribution cartel in Michigan.

From Wired: It was a private company running an AI that first detected the coronavirus outbreak.

From Defense One: The US government just banned exports of AI for certain geospatial use-cases.

From CNBC: Chinese company, Baidu, has been using AI to locate missing people.

From The Progressive: How ‘Strange Fruit’ Killed Billie Holiday.


  1. Chris, have you thought about writing a post about a primary endorsement? I thought you kind of semi hinted at Warren in one post but would love to hear more on your considerations

    I hear from lots of democrats that they are lost. Everybody wants to make sure trump is defeated but nobody is sure who the best candidate for that is.

    1. Honestly, for all the media’s huffing and puffing and a lot of Dems’ honest consternation, this primary’s actual primarying is looking to be uneventfully boring. Biden’s unbroken advantage with African-Americans coupled with his doing just well enough with white voters is more than enough for a win.

      There will op-eds and articles aplenty if Sanders scores a trifecta in IA, NH and NV, but rest assured a commonality among all of them will be outright ignoring his still crippling deficit among black voters or asking the question over and over again whether those wins will have them giving him a second look (Spoiler Alert: they won’t and they aren’t).

      Wash, rinse and repeat until our resident Democratic Socialist gets his butt whooped on Super Tuesday.

      1. I’m not sure Biden will not be affected by the impeachment circus. The GOP has taken the stand that at least they will make the most out of impeachment and try to hurt Biden as much as they can.

        Plus if you read Chris’ previous post a president Biden could be the equivalent of a Weimar republic, and next time we may not get lucky enough that a wannabe dictator is as stupid and “elephant in the porcelain shop” as trump is. Just imagine how much damage somebody with more self restraint and strategy could do.

      2. To be clear, I’m not saying Biden isn’t uniquely naive and/or unfit to handle the perilous situation we’re in. I’m just saying that as far as the primary’s concerned, barring someone flipping the proverbial chessboard, the result’s nigh baked in the cake already.

        Personally, I’d have *much* preferred a Warren presidency, but she cut herself off at the damn knees giving into the media’s conflict-driven focus on healthcare and being so focused on policy that she’s given Trump and his ilk every opportunity under the sun to malign and twist her views to scare the ever lovin’ crap out of the voters that she’d need to win.

        I wish I could support her in the primary, I truly do, but I just can’t pull the lever for someone I feel has forfeited their chance at victory.

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