Link Roundup, 12/21/2019

From MIT Technology Review: Most facial recognition systems are influenced by racism.

From the Los Angeles Times: A look at Eastern Washington’s extremist problem.

From CNBC: US Steel is planning big layoffs.

From The New York Times: How Epoch Times is pushing the boundaries of fake news.

From The Washington Post: Stephen Miller pushed a plan for ICE to infiltrate refugee groups.


  1. Touche! But there’s only one problem: Alabama has one of the highest percentage of African Americans of any state. Can’t have that in a white supremecist state. Except Alabama makes both work somehow, so maybe you have a point… 😜

    On more serious note though, they’re picking those regions for a reason. Despite the “rugged individualism” these guys claim to espouse, those are some of the most subsidized places in the country, with ranching, logging, farming, etc. Taking enormous federal and state subsidies to stay afloat. If it weren’t for socialist FDR doing things like Rural Electrification, those places would be using kerosene lamps, outhouses, and smoke signals. How are you supposed to keep up with Fox News on cable and write racist screeds on the internet without Federal regulation forcing companies to string wires to your shack 50 miles away from civilization? These guys are armchair revolutionaries who would go crazy the minute they got cut off from modern amenities, bought and paid for by us, the taxpayers who actually work for a living.

  2. “ White supremacists including Butler promoted a “Northwest Territorial Imperative,” encouraging supporters to migrate to the inland area of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and western Montana to establish a white ethno-state.”

    I’m starting to wonder if it might not be such a bad idea to give these people what they want, with certain strings attached. Not a 51st State, but rather the equivalent of the reservations some Native Americans live in. They could have their own laws and exclude anyone they don’t like, but in exchange they have to leave the rest of us the hell alone.

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