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Link Roundup, 12/4/2020

Link Roundup, 12/4/2020

From Politico: Republicans are concerned that election conspiracy theories may tank their Georgia Senate candidates.

From Wired: A look at efforts to head off the next environmental crisis – battery recycling.

From the Wall Street Journal: Brexit is about to wreck Britain’s last major global industry.

From the AP: Denmark has announced an end date for all oil and gas leases.

From Bloomberg: Peak oil is behind us, and it came from an unexpected direction.


    1. Hopefully the legal farce from TX initiated by our hypocritical and thoroughly corrupt AG gets zapped in the same way, and that closes the books on the laughably frivolous lawsuit phase of the extended executive temper tantrum. Got to move into the corrupt pardon phase now, and we all know Paxton is angling.

      Side note- poor Geraldo Rivera is now being snubbed by his good buddy Donny for just gently hinting that the election is over.

      1. The Texas one is the most risky. It’s unlikely to overturn any results but its use of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment is probably more relevant. It’s one of Republican’s best tactics: use a democratic and rights-strengthening rule to argue against democracy and human rights, forcing either the courts to rollback rights in the name of them or to weaken the rules that defend the rights.

  1. tl;dr: America First and expert dealmaking apparently puts an executive order on the rolls but the actual vaccines in British arms.

    “Before Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine was proved highly successful in clinical trials last month, the company offered the Trump administration the chance to lock in supplies beyond the 100 million doses the pharmaceutical maker agreed to sell the government as part of a $1.95 billion deal months ago.

    But the administration, according to people familiar with the talks, never made the deal, a choice that now raises questions about whether the United States allowed other countries to take its place in line.

    As the administration scrambles to try to purchase more doses of the vaccine, President Trump plans on Tuesday to issue an executive order that proclaims that other nations will not get the U.S. supplies of its vaccine until Americans have been inoculated.

    But the order appears to have no real teeth and does not expand the U.S. supply of doses, according to a description of the order on Monday by senior administration officials.”

  2. I had a thought. Now, I still believe this is not over, and the tyrant still might activate his death cult and send his gestapo DHS into the streets, but he may have happened onto an extremely lucrative new gig, that is far more profitable than being the actual president, or anything else he has ever touched.

    Politico is talking about the the tyrant taking on a new role: Campaigner in chief. Given that in the past month he has taken in something between 200 and 400 million dollars in cult tithes, what is to stop him from making this the never-ending “We were robbed of an election, give me money to keep up the fight, and for the 2024 election”.

    I see no reason why his cult members, even after any fatigue kicks in, would not happily send along at least 100 million a month directly to their leader ad infinitum. That is far more profitable than any other of his scams. There is nothing stopping him from renting arenas and charging admission, like a concert. This guy would make any Tony Robbins type huckster or religious leader look like a novice carpetbagger when it comes to the amount of cash he can take from stupid people.

    Just how many crazies are out there like this? I am betting a ton. (I know the My Pillow scumbag is a grifter, and does not believe what he is saying).

  3. Electric car batteries will be recycled because they are large – each battery is several hundred dollars worth of material so only a moron will dump it

    The wonderful thing is that because EV batteries are worth recycling the infrastructure to do that will probably mean that phone batteries and all of the other smaller batteries also get recycled

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