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Link Roundup, 2/29/2020

Link Roundup, 2/29/2020

From The Washington Post: An essay from a Diamond Princess passenger who contracted Coronavirus.

From Microsoft: The company is investing in a new AI initiative around healthcare, with most of the work and investment happening overseas.

From CNN: Contrary to the popular narrative, sales of Corona beer have not been impacted by the Coronavirus hype.

From The Atlantic: A former US general outlines America’s problem with home-grown racist terrorism.

From Vox: Trump rages at State Media for new poll showing him losing the election to anyone and everyone by wide margins.


  1. Some great news from TX-22: Sri Preston Kulkarni wins the Dem primary outright in a field of 4 candidates, and avoids a runoff! This is huge as this one of the major districts targeted for flipping by the DCCC, $ from that level should start coming in now that Sri has made the cut, and no resources need be expended on a run off.

    More good news, there will be a runoff on the GOP side -not unexpected with 15 candidates.

    The one bit of bad news: carpetbagging suckup Kathaleen Wall squeaked into 2nd place, so we will be subjected to more of her noxious ads. How noxious? She seriously could give the likes of Gym Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Lindsey Graham, and Devin Nunes some stiff competition in a kissing-Trump’s-ass contest. I’ll be wearing my TV remote.

    1. Also in the bad news category- Harris Co. GOP refused to agree to a joint primary, which meant an equal number of separate machines for each party, which lead to people wanting to vote in the Dem primary having to wait in long lines:

      The great news: many people waited as long as it took to go cast their vote. The last votes in Harris Co. were cast around 1:20 am this morning. Those people got some press coverage as did the gentleman who decided to get his sax and play for the people in line at TSU. I’m glad so many people are motivated, but I hope their general election experience is easier.

      1. I’m not counting chickens yet, but I do feel better about this. Jennifer Rubin’s already picking Biden’s cabinet on Twitter! Cool those jets girl, because it’s not over yet! Lots of voting still to come.

        So thinking worse case from Biden winning out over Sanders, especially if the convention ends up brokered- let’s say you lose a lot of Bernie fans, but you have solid support from African Americans and Never-Trump GOP types. How are they distributed with respect to EC numbers and swing states? Are most of the Bernie fans who would sit out if it’s not their guy in the very blue states? I hate the EC, but those are the rules we’re playing by. Flipping states is a must.

      1. Flypusher, when was the last time tyranny reigned over Western civilization? It is not just in the u.s, though that is obviously the most relevant case in the Western world.

        And precisely, how do you see this election working in Nov, or Oct, or Sept? Do you envision the tyrant actually engaging in public debates, other than via Twitter? Do you know how many voters have already been disenfranchised in Florida, Wisconsin, Texas, Tennessee, to name a few places? Have you done the electoral math if Wisconsin and Florida are already in the bag for the tyrant?

        You call it hope, I call it hopeless naivete. Once this bastion has officially fallen, how long will other places like France, Germany, Canada hang on to democracy? What will the world look like in 4 more years?

      2. Well Dins, getting involved politically and volunteering does not guarantee the outcome you want. Doing nothing other than complaining is practically a self fulfilling prophecy for all the bad things you listed. You just do you; the rest of us are trying something else.

  2. Re: Fox News poll; I’d find polls by state, as opposed to national polls, to be more reassuring. The fact that this cruel, corrupt, ignorant, incompetent asshole has a non-zero chance of winning a 2nd term is one of the worse criticisms one could level at our political system.

    1. I wish I shared your confident prediction that trump will lose.

      I also am cynical enough to believe that Fox News would deliberately use false polling data to “fire up republican turnout”. They want no complacency. My worry for Democrats is also turnout-related, but fear that the nominee may be so disappointing to
      critical numbers of voters that could very well hand trump a victory.

      1. My argument would be, and don’t shoot the messenger…

        If there aren’t enough US Citizens willing to go out and vote for the way lesser evil candidate, than perhaps the US isn’t worth saving.

        Just a thought.

        By the way, I voted for Sanders in GA’s primary in 2016, happily voted for Clinton in 2016, and will crawl over broken glass to vote for a rock running for President as (D) in 2020.

        It’s not me who is apathetic. It’s a large swath of the electorate who continue choosing to do nothing.

        This EMPIRE may not be worth saving at this point. And yes, the US is an Empire.

      2. “If there aren’t enough US Citizens willing to go out and vote for the way lesser evil candidate, than perhaps the US isn’t worth saving.”

        There’s also the matter of those who’ll admit, if you press them, that sure Trump is mean/tweets too much/isn’t the most informed or hardworking President, but they’ll overlook that because their 401(k) accounts look good. “I got mine, screw you” could end up as America’s epitaph.

      3. Sadly, you are correct. Watching my investments decline during this bungled coronavirus situation. It’s an expensive down payment to shake the 401k people but anything to make people think!!! I have confidence the market will recover, just not enough confidence that people who should vote against this president and republicans will be able to make wise decisions in voting.
        A great deal may depend upon “who” the Democratic nominee is….I’m voting for rocks too, Nicholas…whoever they are. I am also not counting on any republican votes regardless what next horrible thing trump does. Turnout is critical in this election.

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