Link Roundup 3/24/2018

From the Washington Post:  Smarter, targeted emergency relief planning

From  America’s jail system is broken.

From the New York Times:   Tax Credit Vouchers for private schools – A good idea that’s been corrupted?

From  Digital Therapeutics – Software as prescriptions.

From The New Republic:  Fair maps and appropriate funding require a fair census.

From the Atlantic:  Nancy Pelosi, love her or hate her, she will be in the history books.








  1. Really great article about Facebook: “I Think You Can Make a Legitimate Case that Facebook Has Become Parasitic.” Roger McNamee, an early investor in Facebook, shows numerous ways that Facebook’s algorithms and business model have been used by bad actors to harm innocent users, and Facebook management has basically denied any responsibility.

    “As we dug into it, people started to come to us and tell us more stuff, and as we came to understand it, we came to appreciate that Facebook wasn’t hacked. That, in fact, the Russians used tools that were created for advertisers and they used them exactly the way they were meant to be [used]. It’s just that there was nobody was guarding the henhouse.”

  2. OT, but amusing GOP strategist Rick Wilson has officially released his book, “Everything Trump Touches Dies” (complimentary with a cover picture of the Dotard-in-Chief’s teeny tiny fingers, of course) for pre-order on Amazon. If savage humor and political insight are your game, join me in helping to push this up the bestseller list, would you?

    1. EJ

      Thanks, Mary. The James Webb telescope looks amazing. We’ve been getting fantastic results from the FAST telescope and from the arrays in Chile, and if Webb gives us even a fraction of what we hope for, it’ll be amazing.

      For all the world is in disorder, we’re living in the golden age of astronomy.

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