Link Roundup, 3/30/2020

Data Roundup:

Best tracking of US cases, with state-by-state breakdown: 91-DIVOC

Testing status: The COVID Tracking Project

Data on available ICU beds, by county: Kaiser Health News

Map of counties with no ICU beds: Kaiser Health News

Map of COVID-19 cases by county: New York Times


From Nature: Outline of the progress of a COVID-19 infection.

From Scientific American: Comparison between COVID-19 and climate change.

From Reuters: How “Patient 31” wrecked South Korea’s COVID-19 response.


  1. DNC just announced that the convention has been pushed back to mid August, at the very least. I remember how a week or so I was laughed at because I stated that the tyrant will most certainly use this virus to wipe out the election.

    Looks like the loser party is going to play right into his hands on this one.

    Fauci has stated, quite likely with great accuracy, that this virus will pop up again in the fall, when the new flu season kicks in. Plus, given how the fascist cult operates with a total lack of belief in facts, this thing will mostly likely rage all summer anyway as so many ignore any concept of mitigation.

    So you can kiss goodbye the thoughts of a Nov election, or more likely, a 2020 election at all. You all should have a look at what Orban of Hungary, just one of many, is doing. The tyrant’s regime is taking notes.

    I will say it again. For the sake of the global economy, and it turns out democracy, it is better for this virus to be allowed to burn through the global population with a 1-2% death rate than to let it linger for months, or years.

    Somewhat related, this is a good read on what wrong in Italy and those familiar with the U.S. trajectory of reaction can draw as much comparison as they want:

      1. I have a father who takes drugs daily that lower his immune system. If he gets this virus he WILL die. No “high probability”, but a certainty. I have a sister in a country with virtually no chance to get home in the immediate future.

        So yeah, I am impacted by this virus. And if you really do want to personalize this (which no competent government can ever do when making decisions), my father would be far better off if he isolates himself completely (as he is doing), and this thing was allowed to burn out in 6 weeks. Otherwise, he must isolate for many months, not weeks.

        I am fully cognizant of what I am saying. But the point is moot. People in general, and particularly cult members, will not put up with being under house arrest for 3, 4, or 12 months, regardless of the facts. And I am talking about the general populace, not even corporations run by psychopaths or a government that is filled to the brim with well….you know what they are.

  2. You know, capitalism is the greatest thing ever.

    This idea of states competing against each other for medical supplies shows the genius of unfettered capitalism. And the laissez faire attitude of the federal gov’t simply exemplifies just how awesome the greatest economic and social construct in the history of humanity truly is.

    I remember how I was castigated for suggesting the tyrant and his regime must be wiped out by any means necessary. So many wise people suggested that the outcome of such an action would be far worse than leaving the regime in place. How’s that looking today?

    Oh, and I am sure there is no correlation between states getting supplies and how the electoral college votes were allocated.

  3. Thanks Chris. We’re going to need information on states that are closing their borders if there is an active source for this. Texas just implemented an order that requires anyone driving or flying Into Texas from a designated city (New Orleans, NYC) or state (New York, New Jersey, CT) register with state and self quarantine 14 days in a specific, disclosed location. Here’s the order.

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