Link Roundup, 4/17/2017

From Slant: A graphical timeline of the industries in the Fortune 500 with the highest revenue. Note the sudden growth of health care.

From The Washington Post: A portrait of blue-collar life in Janesville, Paul Ryan’s hometown.

From Vice: A new NBER study suggests that social media actually makes people less politically polarized – unless they are old.

From Nautilus: Since the last Nautilus story went over so well, how about another: The best response to climate change is a smarter narrative.

From Quartz: Speaking of narratives, this profile of abortion doctor, Willie Parker, explains reproductive rights as a Christian value.


Watch the rise and fall and rise again of oil and gas drilling in the US. From Bloomberg.


  1. Cynical personal thought.

    I recently saw one of my French friends sharing an anti-Macron article. Paying attention to her comments and several of her French friends’ comments showed that many young French liberals are playing the same bullshit with Macron American ‘Millennials’ played on Hillary: a technocratic middle ground preserver of institutions is some ‘neoliberal’ ‘establishment’ candidate who just isn’t ‘progressive enough.’

    So in conclusion, Marine La Pen is going to win, because rightwingers can always unify because of hatred, but leftwingers can never unite because of hatred.

  2. A non-trivial quibble with the wording to the first link: The graphic is industries by *revenue*, not necessarily by profit.

    That’s politically important, because I was going to comment that I think the growth of the Healthcare industry is generally a positive (we don’t need so many farmers or industrial workers, so we have more ability to take care of people’s health needs – yay!) yet at the same time I think many people have a justified moral position that large profits in healthcare are wrong. In other words, it “should” be a large industry with low margins.

  3. WRT to Global Warming, I think these two articles add to the inevitability of disaster.

    Put the two articles together, and do some research of the major sources of the Indus River. I mean, what can go wrong, when two nuclear armed countries that already don’t like each other begin fighting over declining water supplies…….

    I have said it before, and will keep saying it. Anyone at all that denies global warming or fights against mitigating its effects, is perpetrating crimes against humanity. They should be removed from society immediately.

    1. “…or fights against mitigating it’s effects…” Wow. That’s pretty broad. That could be interpreted as anyone who might have the audacity to disagree with any mitigation effort or policy, no matter how hare-brained, costly, or ineffective, should be “removed from society immediately”.

      Of course, that extension is just dumber than hell. Were I you, I’d modify the original statement before quoting myself again.

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