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Link Roundup, 6/15/2019

Link Roundup, 6/15/2019

From The New York Times: Buried lede – Pentagon officials are concealing details of sensitive operations from the President because he is a security risk.

From Ars Technica: Xenotime hacker group is probing US power grids.

From Reuters: Workers at VW plant in Tennessee reject unionization effort…again.

From CNN: Trump’s campaign to keep Tubman off US currency.

From The Atlantic: American health care habits contribute to our absurd costs.


  1. So, re: that NY Times article, 13 hours ago the tyrant accused the Times of treason, and 20 minutes ago opined that the “people would demand that I stay longer”.

    But hey, you folks keep on believing that the political and judicial systems will all work just fine in Nov 2020. The vote is all that matters, right?

  2. EJ

    Also in the news: Facebook has reinvented the concept of company scrip. For some reason, they have not decided to call it the Zuckerbuck. I can’t see why.

    Here’s a list of companies who have paid $10m each for a node, giving them full permanent access to all information relating to Zuckerbuck transactions:

    1. We’re not far off from the day when Facebook employees get paid solely in Zuckerbucks only redeemable at the company store on Facebook campuses. That’s pretty much the final evolution of the type of “transience-class” tech jobs that Chris praises so much.

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