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Link Roundup, 7/12/2020

Link Roundup, 7/12/2020

From the New York Times: Fans are being allowed back to football matches in France.

From Forbes: Though China’s economy has largely recovered, the Chinese are declining to meet their promises for US oil imports.

From Worldometer: Germany logged fewer than 300 new C19 cases yesterday. Dallas alone had more than a thousand.

From ESPN: Fans are now allowed back in the stands for Japanese baseball.

From the New York Times: A depressing list of the countries that will still accept US travelers (Albania welcomes you!).

From NPR: How Germany was able to safely open its schools.


  1. Bringing this bit from the previous three here, since I’m back after the next post has happened:

    “By the time we get to the second week of the Biden Administration you’ll be hearing this: “Do you want to get universal healthcare or prosecute Donald Trump?” And they’ll repeat it over and over again, as if public integrity were a trade-off with political effectiveness.”

    My answer would be that I want both, as there is no practical and honest reason we can’t have both, and would not buy any excuse made otherwise. I’m bookmarking this for future reference- I hope that you are right about there being a Biden Administration, and wrong that they will give Trump a pass on his ratfuckery.

    I am old enough to remember Watergate and Ford’s controversial parson of Nixon, although I was in elementary school at the time. Looking back at it as an adult, even with many layers of cynicism, I can still take Ford at his word (sparing the country) because 1) A President resigning in disgrace was an unprecedented and shocking thing in those days, and 2) Ford strikes me as being one of the more honest recent Presidents (If anyone has evidence to the contrary, I’m curious to see it.). But a big factor in all those layers of cynicism I’ve acquired was watching the GOP acting like that pardon was tacit approval for even more malfeasance- so you get Iran-Contra, and the dishonest excuses W and Cheney pitched to invade Iraq, and no real consequences for the people whose irresponsible financial practices caused the Great Recession (I don’t absolves a lot of Dems for this one either), and now it culminates with Trump’s in-your-face corruption. I am not in a forgiving mood, and if Biden were to let corrupt GOPers off the hook, I would regard that as a major betrayal. I would also bet it schisms the Dems.

    1. >] “I am not in a forgiving mood, and if Biden were to let corrupt GOPers off the hook, I would regard that as a major betrayal. I would also bet it schisms the Dems.

      Effectively my view as well. I’m not at all dismissive of politicians’ capacity to try and buy voters off with the proverbial shiny object as long as they turn a blind eye, but the sheer seething anger with which near the *entire* Democratic Party looks at Trump and his lackeys with just makes that option untenable this time, IMO.

      In what timeline does one see a Biden Administration effectively saying they’re not to prosecute Donald f’ing Trump and not having his entire political base ready to tar and feather him on the lawn of the White House? Democrats across this entire country would go absolutely apocalyptic, myself included.

      1. Really?

        You guys just have not been following the flailing and failing by the loser party for the last 4 years??????

        As of right now, this very moment, what crimes do you think the Dem’s can go after the tyrant for? And what crimes do you think will be available after the pardons on Jan 19th? List for me the non-pardonable state, not federal, crimes that the various NY offices can nail the tyrant on? And remember, Biden would have to first clean house in those offices, and that would be after every document on the tyrant has been destroyed by his lackies.

        But the point it of course moot. The tyrant will still “win” in Nov. The numbers are already starting to tighten. And any race within 6 points Oct 30th is an automatic win for the fascist party thanks to the various vote suppression and outright voter fraud they have lined up.

      2. “Sir, I was just asking if you wanted an extra fry with that or not.”

        Snark aside, why do you assume there won’t be any federal charges? Presidential pardons, you might say? How, exactly, would that work? Even *if* we assume a “president” could try and pardon himself for a crime (a position which many find untenable –, Trump cannot pardon himself for a crime that he hasn’t been charged and convicted of yet, that’s absurd. There’s no such thing as a preemptive pardon.

        As for what those charges could be, take your pick. High Treason smacks my lips like the finest wine right about now.

      3. You want to play out a scenario? OK.

        Let’s pretend that the tyrant is actually loses. It won’t happen, but I will play along. By Nov 10th, assuming it is a landslide, he knows he is toast. Further, pretend that the Senate goes blue, either 50-50 with a blue VP, or 51-49.

        The tyrant immediately has his DOJ draw up charges against the tyrant and all his partners in crime for anything and everything they have done. In the fastest movement ever seen in the DOJ, and the rest of the judicial system, all these charges are formalized before Jan 18th, and the tryant et al are convicted as they plead guilty to everything. The tyrant steps down on the 19th, and 20 minutes later pardons are issued for any and all charges.

        Because of double jeopardy, none of these crimes can ever be retried, and good luck trying to investigate further crimes that may have spun off the ones that were pardoned.

        You keep forgetting how truly useless the loser party has proven itself to be when it comes to street-fighting, which is what the fascist party excels at.

      4. Dins, there is about as much of a chance that the moon suddenly falls out of orbit and slams into the Earth as there is that Donald f’ing Trump, a dude who has *never* admitted to doing ANYTHING wrong in his life, suddenly flipping the Machiavellian switch in his lizard brain and telling Bill Barr to file every charge and the kitchen sink just so he can plead guilty in some ill-conceived attempt to issue himself a pardon.

        We’re talking about a dude so psychologically fragile that he spent 15 mins ranting and raving in Oklahoma because Rick Wilson made fun of him for having trouble walking down a ramp and drinking a glass of water.

        And no, ‘remember how much the Democrats suck’ is not a sufficient rebuttal. You’re talking nonsense, Dins.

      5. And that is what is wrong with the loser party. Always underestimating the depravity of their enemy, and never having the ruthlessness to deal on the same terms as their enemy.

        You watch. The tyrant and his cronies will walk free, laughing, and you will go “I did not see that one coming.”

        I am still waiting also for a list of crimes you think the tyrant can actually charged with. High treason, I don’t even know if that is an actual crime. Read Article III, section 3 of the constitution. Don’t think the tyrant meets those specifications, or rather, in way that can be made to stick.

      6. “Knowingly allowing our soldiers to be hunted for Russian profit and doing nothing to stop it is about as clear-cut a case for treason as there could be.”

        Actually Ryan, no it is not. Many people knew this was happening, obviously. How many people in the intelligence network and the chain of command knew? What about all those that said nothing? Actually, they are OK if they reported it up through the chain of command.

        “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and …”[email protected]/part1/chapter115&edition=prelim

        Now, unless Russia is actually defined as an enemy, any federal lawyer would make a mockery of the treason charge.

        So please, try again. Name a charge the tyrant can be actually brought to trial for. Oh, and BTW, you are fully aware that I KNOW this monster is as treasonous as they come. You know my opinion on justice with this thing, and about 100,000 of its closest enablers.

      7. Dins, why don’t you just come out and say it? It doesn’t matter what potential charges I lay out, state or federal. You’ve already come to the conclusion that there’s no conceivable breach of the law that Donald Trump could be charged with, let alone convicted of.

        This is how you always operate. You’re a presumed conclusion in search of a rationalization.

    2. @ Flypusher ; Normally I am leery of putting on trial former adminstractions. It smacks of banana republic stuff. But Trump is a whole new level. We need to make sure presidents down the road know that that justice will eventually catch up with them. We also need to seriously curtail the power of the presidency. It has gotten out of hand. We are going to have a huge mess in January for hopefully Biden to clean up. But we can walk and chew gum at the same time. I agree we can bring justice to Trump and deal with his mess.

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