What is Racism?

A new post at Forbes explores reasons for the apparent reluctance to settle on a definition and some of the roots of the concept of race in an American context. It also proposes a definition.

The world we face in 2018

Though many aspects of this emerging environment seem disturbing or disheartening, life for human beings is improving on nearly every measurable axis. Humans are freer, wealthier, healthier and happier than at any point in our evolution. It may not seem like it, but the world is getting better. 

Our empty executive branch

Failing to fill hundreds of leadership positions in the executive branch has a crippling effect on government likely to extend far beyond this administration. Is that damage preferable to the havoc Trump might unleash if he had the attention span to get this task done? Historians may be debating this question for decades.

Don’t let Sessions harsh your buzz

If the Idiocrats in the Trump administration wanted to dent the marijuana business, it would take a carefully planned campaign, coordinated with sympathetic state level officials and executed with great care and discretion. That’s not how these people operate. 

A 2017 movie list for Political Orphans

Sometimes you’re just too angry to produce thoughtful insights. It’s not something I’ve experienced prior to the Trump era and I’m finding the experience very unsettling. Robbed of the ability to write sober material, it seems like a series of listicles might be a good pressure valve.