How do you arrest the president?

Lots of things may happen over the coming months, but one thing seems increasingly likely. For the first time in our history a president will face criminal prosecution. We are a nation of laws, but there is no settled law governing the process about to unfold.

Q&A with the author of Masterless Men

Surely, at certain times and in certain places, racial superiority is all that matters to some people. But life is generally a lot more complicated than simple racial hatred. All people resent their own oppression, even when they are much “less oppressed” than other groups. Even if you finish last in the “Pain and Oppression Olympics,” you’re still in pain and oppressed.

Happy Thanksgiving

Last year, on October 9th, the first post went live on Political Orphans. Attempting to port an entire web community from one platform to another was challenging, but we seem to have pulled it off. Thanks for your patience, participation and your remarkable contributions this year.