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Regardless who wins, we are all losing

Regardless who wins, we are all losing

It’s about 10:00 CT and Clinton might still pull this election out, but it hardly matters at this point. A paragraph from a previous post is haunting me:

“At the end of the day, there simply aren’t enough racist idiots in places like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Colorado to open up a path for a Republican to win the White House. This is a math problem, the same math problem we’ve been staring at for a decade. The numbers haven’t changed, but you know how Republicans are about math.”

Just as I was wrong about the willingness of Republican insiders to fight back against Trump, I was wrong about another detail. There are in fact, an awful lot of racist assholes out there. Even if Clinton wins, it will not be a strong win. Regardless of the outcome by the end of the night, we already know a couple of things.

First, white nationalism is now entirely mainstream. The Republican Party is going to double down on this race-baiting strategy. It isn’t going away. And if you thought the GOP was bonkers in 2016, hang on to your hat.

Second, we know that efforts to reform police practices are dead, perhaps for a generation.

Also, it looks like we can say goodbye to any possibility of immigration reform.

Finally, if Hillary Clinton wins this election it will be because she held the Blue Wall, but that wall is weaker than it has ever been. The Great White Freakout is not over, not by a long shot.

No matter how this night ends, we are in for some bitter, miserable years. Apparently the damage we endured from the Bush years wasn’t enough. There’s more pain on the way.


  1. The ultimate irony may occur in the “still ongoing” governor’s race in NC. Incumbent Governor McCrory who signed into law some of the most egregious voter suppression laws in the nation, now is claiming he has been the victim of voter fraud in a large number of precincts. His rival and leader in the vote count, Dem Pat Cooper, has continued to increase his voting total as ballots are counted, but his lead is slim. Oddly,
    “After endless legal battles over how, when and where people can vote, they’re fighting now over whether to count 60,000 provisional ballots and thousands more absentee ballots that have remained sealed since Election Day.”

    You may recall my question a day or so ago on this point: why wouldn’t these ballots be counted? Why are they sealed? Note also the controversy surrounding people who had signed up for voting rights when they renewed their drivers’s licenses only to be turned away at the polls…..some 8100 ballots….Needless to say, there are some sticky things going on in NC beyond the governor’s race. Ah, if only there were an independent DOJ AG to look into what is going on in NC….I doubt Lame Duck Loretta Lynch will participate, but it sure does look like there’s something fishy going on there!

  2. Let me add to my post! the environment, Global Warming! when you make a list of priorities, what bathroom someone uses is not even close to the list! All the things we all argue over, who can carry a gun, all that stuff that gets me going? doesn’t matter!

    If you look at the projections of what will happen to the earth in 100 years if the world does not get real about Global Warming, those projections are staggering! you add the increases to the world population because people just will not stop having all these children, the world will go from 5.7 billion to maybe 10 billion, I am not sure of the numbers. Add to that what with warmer climates, we will not be able to grow crops the way we do. add to that the fact we are fishing the oceans out of fish! add to that we are consuming water at am alarming rate!

    i am not articulate enough to explain all this BUT we are at a crossroads here with the world environment! Possibly past that turning point! Trump’s election will just speed the day of no return!

  3. There goes Obamacare! And with it the health care that kept a lot of the very people who voted for Trump alive!

    But Chris is right! There are a lot more racists out there than we thought!!

    On a financial note, I see very volitile markets, not just right now but for a long time. Kiss any Wall Street regulation good bye! Those whores in the big banks, Goldman etc, just got a big wet kiss! They can now do anything!

    But mainly, all environmental regulation is past tense. Global Warming? Throw away your winter coats! The long term effect of this election on the environment is beyond depressing! It is devastating!

  4. Welcome to the GOP utopia.

    They’ve got both houses of Congress and a President that is not going to veto anything.

    Trump is not going to have a legislative agenda, but Paul Ryan will, Ted Cruz will, and lots of very scary Republicans are starting to have some grand ideas tonight.

    2018 has very few GOP congress members up for election, so even the normal mid-term anti-President vote is not likely to matter.

    We are looking a GOP stronger than we have seen in a decade, and with a conservative Supreme Court for a generation.

    All those reluctant Trump supporters and silent dissenters are going to find an orange Jesus and realize they now have the power of all three branches of government.

    Lifer, I do not know that you will do it, but there will be thousands of Republicans who re-find the GOP religion very quickly.

    I do not believe Trump is going to ruin the world. He doesn’t care enough about anything other than his own ego. I think he’s going to be a fine GOP figurehead. He’ll generate energy and excitement, while the GOP congress happily goes about screwing over women, minorities, gay folks, etc.

    Folks below are blaming this on Hillary. Screw that. People knew and understood the difference between Hillary and Trump, and they picked Trump. Nothing Hillary could have done would have changed that.

    Other folks are blaming young people and minorities. Sure, if every young person and every minority person voted and voted for Hillary, then yep, Hillary would have won. Hillary also would have won had not White folks overwhelmingly decided to embrace the worst of us.

    No, this is at the feet of the GOP (they built this beast) and at the feet of White folks, men and women.

    1. At the feet of the “White folks” (and others) who voted for him. It’s going to take a political alliance that, as Andrew Sullivan notes, “…must transcend racial and religious division in a movement of resistance that is as diverse and as open as the new president’s will be uniform and closed” to stop America’s brand of fascism. The left retreating further into their own intense brand of identity politics and anger directed at people based on broad racial characteristics will not weaken Trump but instead will simply strengthen and legitimize his own brand of tribalism.

      Please as bad as this is we need rationalism on our side more than ever, not knee-jerkish rage that will simply create a mirror version of Trumpism.

      1. V L

        Andrew Sullivan has spent decades advocating psuedo-science about blacks having low IQs.

        The same kind of nonsense you standard Pepe avatar wielding twitter troll spouts.

        He’s hardly the person to talk about the need for unity.

        He’s part of the problem.

    2. Saw a few stories this morning that presage the looming Trump future. One deals with his “infrastructure plan” (apparently these construction folks stick together), and we are still watching the team roll out. On the face of it, an infrastructure plan sounds ideal – but the devil is in the details. Let the fun and games begin. Re: Trump’s infrastructure plan……….

      “Trump’s plan isn’t really a jobs plan, either. Because the plan subsidizes investors, not projects; because it funds tax breaks, not bridges; because there’s no requirement that the projects be otherwise unfunded, there is simply no guarantee that the plan will produce any net new hiring. ”

  5. The nastiest but likely most accurate prediction on a Trump presidency:

    “This is now Trump’s America. He controls everything from here on forward. He has won this campaign in such a decisive fashion that he owes no one anything. He has destroyed the GOP and remade it in his image. He has humiliated the elites and the elite media. He has embarrassed every pollster and naysayer. He has avenged Obama. And in the coming weeks, Trump will not likely be content to bask in vindication. He will seek unforgiving revenge on those who dared to oppose him. The party apparatus will be remade in his image. The House and Senate will fail to resist anything he proposes — and those who speak up will be primaried into oblivion. The Supreme Court may well be shifted to the far right for more than a generation to come — with this massive victory, he can pick a new Supreme Court justice who will make Antonin Scalia seem like a milquetoast. He will have a docile, fawning Congress for at least four years. We will not have an administration so much as a court.

    Almost certainly, as in Britain, the left, already radicalized, will respond by moving ever farther left, leaving the now openly revanchist right — far more radical than the Tory government in Britain — with total control over the levers of power. They will not let those levers go easily. They will likely build a propaganda machine more powerful than Fox and Breitbart — and generate pseudo-stories and big lies that, absent any authoritative or trusted media, will dominate the new centers of information, Facebook or its successors. We will be in a new political and media universe in which an authoritarian cult will thrive. This is how fascists tend to govern.”

  6. My wife said she thought we had paid our penance during the GWB years. GWB trashed country, Obama fixed it.

    But now we have to do it all again, except worse. Trump will trash the nation again and we start over. Maybe in 2020 it will stick. Hope our way of life and freedoms survive until then.

    The bitter truth that I’ve known in my bones the last year–but suppressed as defeatist and elitist–is that the majority of Americans are stupid.

    There, I said it.

    Sure, people have their problems, but no matter how many pundits try to explain it, there is no justification for the visceral anger in the country, the blind tribalism, or the infantile fascination with burning it all down.

    The majority of American simply lack the historical awareness to know how lucky they are, the patience to learn how the political system works, and the discernment to see when they are being peddled a story.

    This is not so much an educational failing, as a long-term cultural pathology manifested in anti-intellectualism and sheer lack of curiosity. It is not new, but in the past we had gatekeepers to rein it within certain bounds.

    This was not some big “statement” election. It didn’t mean anything. It was racist, yes, but more than that it was just a big temper tantrum.

    So, I continue to hope for change after 2020, but with a great deal more pessimism. In principle GOP leaders should see the need for structural change even at the heights of their immediate success, but I’ve seen little evidence of that sort of backbone…

  7. V L

    Have white Americans thought about how they will now lose their health insurance?

    The white working class voters with pre-existing conditions are now screwed again?

    Have rural voters realized that Trump, being a guy from NYC, will still move to take care of people in the rich people in big cities economically because that’s all he cares about? And that he will not do a damn thing for them?

    The schadenfreude I’ll get from watching the people who voted for Trump slowly realize that they are still screwed and will be worse off is the only silver lining for me.

    I’m looking forward to talking to my white female Trump supporting boss who is about 8 years from retirement about her stocks.

  8. V L

    Have white women actually thought about the fact that white men will now be emboldened to treat them like meat because with their votes they have said that behavior is okay?

    I think not.

    I’m going to start selling rape whistles. I’ll make a fortune.

    1. VL you don’t know me but I am an educated white woman living in a very red state. Me and nearly 200 others just like me in a very rural area voted for Hillary, we phone banked and knocked doors and donated all the money we could. We helped people pay for birth certificates to enable them to register to vote and we drove them to the polls. I appreciate that you’re upset and I understand but putting people in boxes is what they do.

      I have been spit on and threatened and called every vile name in the book for my support of people of color. We should not start down this road with each other.

      There are a lot of things to blame this election on and a lot of them didn’t start yesterday.

      1. V L

        Way2gosassy I’m sorry that your efforts didn’t yield the result you wanted. I’m sure you worked very hard.

        I’m not angry. I’m tired.

        I am just not interested in putting on the mask that society forces me to wear to pretend that things are ok.

        I don’t have the energy to believe that the average white people are capable of changing.
        It requires a level of cognitive dissonance to believe that whites can get better and know the history of this country.

        It’s not even 8 am. So far today I’ve been to the supermarket and I’m currently at work.

        I’ve passed numerous white people both at the store and at my job. One question has been in my mind as so many of them have greeted me with a cheery “Good morning.”

        How many of you want me dead?

        Because those smiles are false and we aren’t friends.

        We never have been in the 400 years of this country and last night the majority of whites made it clear that they never want us to be.

      2. I am so sorry for you that you feel this way. For more than 50 years I haven’t just stood beside you, sometimes I was standing in front of you to be a shield from harm. While I really do understand your feelings try to remember that millions of those white people you are disappointed in voted with you, not against you.

      1. V L

        Yes really. Trust me when I tell you you may not hear this from non-white people as explicitly as I’ve stated it here but whites have demonstrated to minorities, many of whom are young, that you can’t be trusted to act in a manner that is sane or safe for any of us.

        There are consequences for how we treat each other mary and whites can’t continue to screw up and screw us over and think that won’t poison relations.

        I’m not talking about a race war or some alt-right nonsense about racial violence but we have choices and I know now to never ever put myself in a position where I have to put my faith in your goodness ever again.

      2. How is going your own way an option? We’re both in this country that’s going to be run by some brand of fascism. It’s not something you escape, except by emigration. On the whole, they’ll probably be rougher on minorities than white people although “race traitors” like myself may have a hard time.

      3. V L

        How is going your own way an option?

        By choosing who I want to work with.

        I’ve harped on the need for whites to stand up to the bigotry in their communities pretty hard. If the election has taught me one thing is that that is not going to happen. Ever.

        So what do I do?

        Focus on my community. Focus on helping other minorities who actually have my back and I can count on.

        Focus on protecting all the minorities who as you said will get the worst of it.

        Not every minority is poor and without resources.

        I’m making a decision where to put my resources and it will no longer be with any organization that works outside an urban area. Ideally I will give money to groups that work with minorities/LGBT/Muslims/immigrants directly.

        I’m going to go to bed soon but I will review my charitable giving and look for volunteering I can do in my city.

        I have choices and money and I will spend my time and dollars with people who don’t hate my guts.

  9. mime, I owe you about as honest an apology as I know how to give. Admittedly, some part of me says this if only to try and make myself feel even a little bit better, and it would be beyond arrogant to suggest about what I would change even if I could, but I owe you at least this much.

    From the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry. You were right all along to be as concerned as you were, but please believe me when I say that, if nothing else, I sincerely believed that when push came to shove, we were better than this. I didn’t think this could happen.

    I have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen now. Just thinking about that vulgarian’s fingers with the nuclear codes, never mind what’s going to happen with Russia now, is enough to make me afraid in a way I can’t rightly put into words.

    Everyone, please do your best and godspeed.

    1. Nothing to be said Ryan. All we can hope for now is that our country will survive. It will be a world we didn’t choose but have to accept. That will be hard. I don’t know whether to cry or hit someone. Of all of us, Homer was most astute and I know he hates this as much as we all do.

      Think of pres. Obama. I feel for him and his family. He has to meet w trump on Thursday. That will be hard.

      1. As one who argued with Homer more than anyone else through all this, it almost feels insulting to just give an apology, but that’s all I can do…

        I’m sorry, Homer, I really am. It wouldn’t have changed anything, but I should’ve listened to you and taken your points more seriously than I do. You were right to view this election with as much skepticism as you did and I was wrong not to take that to heart.

        That aside, I couldn’t even bring myself to write anything to President Obama. Nothing I could put into words would feel right to say right now. He just deserved so much better than this and this is how his country responds to him. It’s enough to make you sick to your stomach.

      1. V L

        See this is the problem right here.

        I don’t care how scared you are you don’t get your own facts.

        It is a fact that minorities fought against Trump. It is a fact that whites overwhelmingly didn’t.

        If you all fought as intensely and quickly at fighting these racists as you do blaming minorities for everything or making excuses for those who do we wouldn’t be in this position.

    1. Give me a break, I pointed out that minorities did not vote in enough numbers. Can you deny that fact? It was not due solely to voter suppression. Our communities forget about the fight but the racists have not. This is a wake up call that we need to make our voices heard.

      Hillary did not fight enough for our vote and young people have their heads stuck up their asses.

      Don’t accuse me of blaming minorities because I chose to lay some of the blame on non-voters. Those people helped elect Trump too.

      1. V L

        1. Sure as soon as you acknowledge the systematic removal of voting rights from minorities using including the Supreme Court’s gutting of the voting rights act.

        The fact that you can hand wave that stuff is amazing.

        What you are saying is like blaming the captain of the Titanic sinking and completely forgetting about that iceberg.

        We all know minorities don’t vote in the numbers they should but we can’t forget that there are real obstacles systematically placed in our way to make that continue.

        2. We are both wrong on some level because looking at the numbers Trump did 5 points better with blacks than Romney.

        Let that sink in. Jesus.

      2. No one is hand waving anything. I heard the Black vote turned out higher for Trump…..20% of Black males. Far too many Hispanics also voted Trump as well.

        That tells you the extent of Hillary’s minority outreach. She expected Blacks to vote for her like they always do, she expected Hispanics to simply go to her side because he said some shaitty things.

        A lot of things went wrong and there is a lot of blame to go around, that is all I am saying. I do blame the racists more than anyone else.

      3. Turtles-

        Despite all the voter suppression tactics aimed at them, African Americans vote at a higher rate than the average American. And they overwhelmingly vote democratic. While of course I’d love to have them vote even more, you can’t blame them for this loss. Even a massive 10 point swing in their votes wouldn’t counteract the decrease in white women, for example.

        This loss is squarely on Clinton. Either through her policies, campaign, personal scandals, or some combo thereof, she messed up.

        To the extent that specific voter groups share responsibility, white women, white men, Union members, and young people all declined vs 2012 in far greater numbers than minorities.

      1. This white queer man is done. Not out of bitterness, just older with less time in this world and don’t need to see this movie again. I know what comes next. Time to cut loses and move on. Benjamin Franklin often counseled if we started this experiment with slavery it could prove fatal to a Republic. All the Civil War did was swap one peculiar institution for another. The CRA dampened down the worst excesses of Jim Crow and in fact did create some remarkable progress…but someone was keeping score. By their tally, they’ve given enough to people of color and gays. They want their entitlement back. They can have it but as a tax payer I can’t rationalize subsidizing this madness anymore. I also don’t want to be subject to whims of imaginary kindnesses by granting some rights or protections when they feel guilty only to have them taken away.

        We lost white men and women with college degrees as well as with whites without education. This was a straight up “us and them”. I mistakenly believed that whites with education would hang tough with us but they didn’t.

      2. Maybe it’s just me being stuck trying to take this horror in, but I don’t know if I can stay in this country anymore. If ever there was a straw that broke the camel’s back, this was it and I’m genuinely afraid of what’s going to happen now. This country has done something that it can’t ever take back.

        It’s going to take time and two or three years to do everything I’d need to, but I have to seriously consider leaving. I can’t be a part of a country that does this and, to the best of my ability, I won’t let my family be a part of it either.

      3. There are clearly two countries in the USA. I’m done “understanding” and empathizing with the side that didn’t even recognize Obama as an American citizen.

        *my* country needs me. I’ll help them. The other country can pray to their orange Jesus to help them. After all, he’s now the most powerful man in the world.

      1. We don’t know that Clinton’s supporters didn’t come out; but clearly, the people have spoken. We don’t agree or like it, but it is what it is.

        That said, all my buddies who voted trump better be real careful around me for a few days. Lots of lessons for us all in this election. What will be interesting is to see how trump handles his unexpected win. We already know what to expect from republicans.

  10. I will bet that someone will compare this election to the Hunger Games, a comparison that has been nagging at me all election:

    At the climax of the last book, Katniss gets the opportunity to publicly deal the killing blow to President Snow, a bitter, power-hungry old man who is the devious leader of the Capital dictatorship. She is given one arrow. She instead shoots President Coin, the woman leader of the underground resistance, because she believed that Snow was finished either way, but Coin would simply lead to more of the same under a different guise.

    Regardless of whether you believe the analogy directly fits Trump and Clinton, I’ve had a nagging feeling since Clinton was nominated that the election was going to go the same way. Turns out, my intuition was correct.

  11. OK – looks like the Donald is going to be POTUS
    How long do you think he will last?

    The core republican party don’t trust him at all – and they have a nice reliable stooge as Vice President

    If he is inaugurated I don’t think he will last long – do presidents have food tasters these days?

  12. I had a horrible feeling back on Election night 2000, and it was justified. I have that feeling again. I’ll not give up on Clinton winning yet, as it’s not over, but all the obstructionism and bitterness continues in the best case scenario. Yes, we could have a big backlash in 2016 if Trump wins, but that’s 2 years of damage before then. The deplorables deserve the harsh lesson that they would get, but others of us don’t.

    Also look at for backsliding on climate issues.

  13. The buzzword currently floating all around the internet is the word “identity politics.” Tons of people out and about saying that this election was about everything “but” race, and they’ll never forgive the Democrat elites for their simple reductive stereotyping that everyone in the rural country are automatically racist.

    1. There are fucking racists. The problem is that there’s little to be gained politically or practically from pointing that out. And really, that still isn’t the worst part. The worst part is that we finally stepped up and pretty much called them racists, and they won. So now, it isn’t even disparaging anymore. We’re in deep trouble.

      1. V L

        Chris you’re first sentence contradicts the third sentence.

        People didn’t step up and they didn’t call people out. They coddled them saying that their concerns needed to be heard regardless of how the message was being delivered. The media aided his rise the entire way. You know that.

        Please don’t try to rewrite how things got to this point.

        But even if there were voices that were louder against racism would these assholes have listened?

      2. I am heart broken and deeply worried for America. Beyond that I don’t have anything to offer except we were all wrong in what we hoped would happen but we won’t be wrong about what’s ahead in monolothic government. I can’t imagine that so many people have such a different vision of democracy than I do. Bad times. Market futures down over 700 points.

  14. Welcome to the new Jim Crow.

    I expect in the next few months

    – new voter suppression laws
    – roll back of civil rights protections
    – increased police oppression
    – backtrack on gains that minorities have made in the past 35 years

    Trump won because he did what prior GOP candidates would not do. E openly appealed to worst of society and this is his reward.

    Fuck, I am sleeping with my kids tonight

      1. At this point, there aren’t enough votes left to save her except in Michigan and Pennsylvania, which won’t be enough.

        Although, it is interesting that it looks like Georgia and Arizona will be closer than Ohio, North Carolina and Iowa.

      2. V L

        A sea change how? Again what am I as a black person supposed to take away from this election that I didn’t already know?

        That people in red states vote for people who hate minorities, Muslims, etc.

        I knew that already.

        That whites are craven enough to put our country at risk for their fragile sense of self worth?

        I knew that already.

        I have to admit I was wrong about how close the election would be. I thought it would be close but not this close.

        The fundamental hatred that I knew white people in this country had for people like me has not changed one bit.

        Maybe you thought white people were better or smarter than this but I’ve ALWAYS known better.

        You aren’t and you never have been and you likely never will be.

      3. It is over. There is no way Hillary wins. He needs two states that he currently needs.

        I do not blame the racists we knew he would win those deplorables arseholes. I blame the young, Black and, Hispanic voters that stayed home. We fought to hard for the vote and far too many of us take it for granted and do not use it. One thing Trump supporters do is vote because they understand the power it holds.

      4. V L

        Turtles Run what you have written doesn’t make a bit of sense.

        Minorities did turn out. You will see that in the returns.

        The reason that we have people like Trump in power is because people are willing to use arguments like yours to make excuses for people who are evil.

        The racists are responsible for Trump’s success. No one else.

      5. Homer and VL

        Of course the white racists elected Trump but Blacks did not turns out to vote for Hillary in the numbers they did for Obama. Hispanics do not vote in at higher rates, sure we did did better this year but that still is not good enough. Young voters are 37% of the electorate and they do not exercise that power.

        Hillary did not have the Obama coalition behind her, but OK its just me.

    1. V L

      Turtles Run you do know that voter suppression is a real thing.

      You even mentioned it in your first post.

      Trump won NC because of it. So why are you so determined to put this on the backs of minorities and ignore those who actually voted for him?

      Just stop it.

      1. Of course voter suppression is a real thing but it does not explain enough of it. I admit that white voters put Trump over but far too many minorities did not vote.

        Michigan and Pennsylvania were not lost because of voter suppression.

      2. Oh, if voter suppression was to much to overcome in 2016 then in 2020 we are really screwed. Then Republicans get to gerrymander the house even more and for an entire generation our people are really f#cked once again.

      1. V L

        I haven’t shed a single tear all night. And I’m not afraid.

        My people will make it through this one way or another.

        Remember what I told you about whites being the most at risk?

        Well you are about to find out.

        God luck to you and yours mary.

  15. V L

    You expect me to act surprised finding out that the average white person in this country is a racist piece of shit?

    You’re joking right? Chris anyone who isn’t white could have told you that.

    This election is going exactly how I thought it would.

    White people are the problem in this country period. Always have been always will be until you all are outnumbered.

    White people losing their majority permanently will be the only that saves this country.

      1. V L

        Voter suppression only works as whites in this country have a numerical majority.

        We are not South Africa. The comparison doesn’t hold because there are still blue states and the federal govt. does not control everything.

        Right now white working class whites are drinking, drugging and killing themselves at a good clip.

        Trump isn’t going to help those people no matter what his followers think. Their lives will not improve.

        Like i wrote before the line of thinking that it is minorities that have the most to lose is wrong.

        It’s whites. We’ve been through a hell of alot worse than Trump. Whites haven’t and the deplorables would find out just what happens to their communities (which already don’t have much) when the world turns its back to us.

        The non-white majority is coming whether the racists like it or not.

      2. Cripes, that’s the most depressing thing I’ve read in a long time – and I’ve read a lot of depressing stuff today, that’s for sure.
        It seems you Americans are about to test Adam Smith’s premise that there’s a great deal of ruin in a nation. After Obama spent 8 years undoing GWB’s smelly leftovers, we’ll see how long it takes President Trump & the R’s in Congress to muck it all up again.
        As it’s Wednesday afternoon here in Sydney, Australia, I’m about to go orienteering – which will take my mind off how you’ve just sh*t in the bed. I hope the fallout on this side of the Pacific isn’t too bad.

      3. V L

        JK74 we’ve been through worse and the country didn’t fall apart but…

        That was over 100 years ago and a much much different world.

        Trump’s election would be a set back of epic proportions.

        And for those of you who want the end of Americans big footing it around the world you just got it.

        We’re done as a power anyone could trust.

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