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Thank You

Thank You

On a day of thanks here in the US, I want to express my gratitude to all of you for building the best comments section on the Internet. Some of you have been setting aside precious time in your day to read my rantings on various platforms for more than a decade. Your feedback has shaped my thought. When I was fighting cancer many of you stepped up to write content (doing quite well now, by the way). Your enthusiasm keeps me engaged. Time and time again I’ve been enriched by the insights you share here. This wouldn’t be fun without you.

For those celebrating (safely) in America, enjoy this day with those you hold dear. Cherish the kindness of friends and family, preferably on a video call. Thank you for building a community here.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Thank you, Chris, and the Entire Community, for providing good reads and rational commentary for this die-hard, liberal curmudgeon.

    You’ve all helped me stay sane these last four years. I’ve followed along ever since I first read the infamous Resignation Letter in some liberal rag or another, starting with GOPLifer and then here.

    This will always be one of my Happy Places.

  2. Hey, Hey. been around with this blog since GOP Lifer, and speaking as a Communist, it’s nice to hear from a non-crazy conservative. i had much respect for your ability to write and be cogent. Always enjoy reading the articles even if I don’t always agree with them.

  3. Hello Chris,

    Somehow I found your GOPLifer blog and have followed you over to this site. I have always lurked, but I had to join in and say Thank You. I have enjoyed your posts very much and the comments section is the best out there – respectful and thought provoking.

    I always learn something by reading your blog, and am always eagerly awaiting the next drop into my email box.

    Happy Holidays to you and to everyone here! On to 2021 ……..

  4. Thank you Chris for this forum. I do not post as often as I like but I do come here quite often to read not just your posts but also some of the best comments on the web. This has been a special place for many of us since your Houston Chronicle days.

    I wish you continued luck with your condition and we are all pulling for you.

    Turtles Run

  5. When I first encountered GOP lifer in the Houston Chronicle, you seemed like the only writer with clear eyes in political existence.

    I value that and you. And I thank you.

    I am grateful for the commenters here, who bring their expertise to every post they make.

    As for me, my thanksgiving meal included a salad from my own garden, something I haven’t done since I was a kid. This is the right time of year to plant in Houston. Pandemic, shemdemic.

  6. This Thanksgiving was a first for me- the first one spent entirely alone. In the past I would have dinner with family or friends, and/or play in the band at Houston’s Uptown Tree Lighting. Also this year I cooked all the dishes myself, rather then just one or two to contribute to the feast. Once I had the meal laid out, I decided to state out loud the things that I was thankful for. The first thing was that I was thankful (and relieved) that my family and friend were taking this pandemic seriously, and not taking risks, and I wished for their continued safety. That applies to the online friends here too. Stay safe and find enjoyment in the Holidays.

    I have determined that the most prudent and ethical course of action for me is to continue this at least through the end of the year- leave the house only for work and curbside pickups. Always have a mask or two. Shop online and visit people via Zoom/phone calls/Internet/texts. Try to avoid going into stores. This will be a solo Christmas too. Cookies will go into the mail. Hopefully sacrifice and self-discipline this year leads to something more normal next year.

  7. Thanks for giving me a place to read criticism of the democratic party. You’ve never abandoned your principles and your support for the democratic party has been very similar to mine. Trump threatens the most fundamental conservative idea, small government democracy that supports business innovation, the Democrats have little to offer, but joe biden is someone I philosophically disagree with, Donald Trump is someone I fundamentally disagree with. I didnt vote for biden, I mean I literally voted for Biden but that vote was a I do not want to reelect trump vote.i would have stood in line for a million hours to vote for bernie sanders and we disagree on everything, it’s scary how the coalition’s mirror the civil war coalitions with the parties reversed. Democracy is precious and it takes work to uphold it. You’ve done your part my friend.

  8. Chris thank you for the most articulate, knowledgeable information I find on the web or in books!! I am an 80 year old retiree who reads at least two hours a day. NOTHING I read is as consistently on the mark, factual more than feeling – a tonic for the mind. Thanks to your wife who long ago encouraged you to blog so you wouldn’t be such a pain at home. My wife suggests the same, but I lack your energy, she deals with the pain. I pray for your spirit to remain strong and to encourage your return to full health. Much love to you and to all whom you love. Peter Castaldi

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to you Chris and all my Goplifers/politicalOrphans friends I have met through this interesting blog. We are a neat little family.

    I look forward to and grow wiser from every post and insightful post and comment each of you share. Thank you for this.

    As I look back over this year with gratefulness that our country still stands, I am hopeful for the possibilities of the coming year and beyond.

    Thank you, Chris, for keeping us centered on life’s most important issues. Continue to be well.

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