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The Blue Wave Keeps Building

The Blue Wave Keeps Building

From The Philadelphia Inquirer: Democrats now control local government along Philadelphia’s “Main Line” for the first time in more than a century.

From Vox: New Democratic government in Virginia may finally ratify the ERA.

From The New York Times: In the Mississippi Governor’s race, Democrats shaved 14 points off the GOP’s 2015 margin there.

From Iowa Starting Line: Democrats picked up more than a dozen local seats in Des Moines’ previously Republican suburbs.


  1. This is off-topic but these days, everything relates to the mess the republican party has created for themselves and America. I am thoroughly disgusted with the latest “game plan” repubs are planning for the public impeachment hearings next week. Instead of preparing themselves by (1) attending the hearings, and (2) developing a substantive list of questions, the repubs plan to disrupt and ridicule the career servants who will testify. In addition, Jim Jordan will be “temporarily” added to the Intelligence Committee for the express purpose of his bellicose, loud grandstanding tactics to further denigrate the seriousness and legitimacy of the hearings.

    Today, Rep. Gaetz entered the Intelligence Committee SCIF room during a private testimony hearing in violation of House rules. (He is not a member of the committee.) Schiff asked him to leave, he refused, and became belligerant. There was confrontation between them and Schiff told him to “absent himself” after Gaetz asked if he was going to have him removed. All of this is a prelude to the expected bullying tactics that republicans are planning for the public hearings which they were so demanding occur. They are making a mockery of legitimate congressional procedures and obstructing the process. It’s sickening.

    1. Mary, I understand you hate violence, but that was the perfect time for Schiff to walk over to Gaetz, put him in a headlock, and drag him from the room. The only thing that sociopaths like the tryant and his acolytes respect is power, and the willingness to wield it, in ANY form.

      Like you said, the fascists are going to take disruption to a new level in these hearings. The Dem’s MUST fight on their level.

      1. I disagree. If Gaetz hadn’t finally left the room, Schiff should have exercised his authority as chairman and called for guards to escort him from the room. No need for the “he-man stuff”. Gaetz is a spoiled brat and a bully.

  2. EJ

    Chris: is the Atomwaffen leak something you’re interested in? I’ve been going through the files and there’s some fascinating stuff in there.

    Apart from discovering what sort of people sign up to these sorts of forums (there are a LOT of soldiers, for example) it’s interesting to see how they communicate. So much was done via PM rather than via posts (even though the board is already private.)

  3. The gubernatorial outcome in MS was disappointing but not surprising, except…as you note for the fact that it was so close, something WX predicted months ago. The newly elected republican governor didn’t waste anytime announcing he would not expand Medicaid…One hopes that anyone who didn’t vote and cares about healthcare and humane treatment (not to mention the economic benefits of expanding Medicare to a poor state)..will be more rigorously motivated for the presidential election.

    Like PA, it is too early for the Iowa Dems to celebrate (although Democrats need to feel good about their small wins after losing so many Obama supporters to trump in 2016). The only good thing I can really see is that Democrats are working hard and realize that winning at the state and local level is critical to the future of the party (if not the sanctity of our Democracy). Still, it is sobering to read this honest assessment by a Democratic county chair and not be overwhelmed by how far the party has to go.

  4. As for the possibiity that the big win in VA could set the stage finally for ratification of the ERA into the US Constitution…I hope the Democratic majority in the VA Lege brings this forward. At the very least, politically, if republicans oppose ratification, it would further bolster the female vote, and, maybe in time for the 2020 election…Not that I think this issue deserves anything other than a serious vote on its long overdue merits, but….

  5. It appears that not all of the news in PA was good for Democrats. What is significant are the wins Republicans made in rural areas of the western part of the state…which helped Trump win PA in the last election. “While liberal activists were toasting historic victories in populous southeastern Pennsylvania on Tuesday night, Republicans were simultaneously raising a glass for first-ever wins in the western part of the state.”

    1. I understand the worry Mary, but Bucks, Chester and Delaware counties around Philadelphia are a much bigger voter harvest than the southwestern PA counties Dems lost.

      The shock for me is the speed of the realignment. Trump appears to be accelerating the change.

      I’ve been following Rachel Bitecofer from Christopher Newport University in Virginia. Her research on voter trends and party realignment proves much of what Chris and yourself have been saying is happening…just bigger and faster. The trend appears only tempered by the % of educated whites/people of color in the area around cities and some evidence based on the size of the city itself.

      1. The areas of America which have been hurt most by trump economic decisions (I refuse to call them “policies”), offer an interesting dynamic to watch for in 2020. Trump, of course, is pinning his hopes on a China trade agreement, (which is a canard …China is waaaay smarter than T), and on manipulation of the Federal Reserve to keep interest rates low…which they are becoming more and more reluctant to do. I do not deny there are economic strengths, but if the economy hiccups before the election, people will follow the maxum “it’s the economy stupid”. Either way, of course, and one never wants to bet on anyone being hurt, especially working class people as the rich always seem to do fine.

  6. That first article about Philadelphia and PA’s election results is really insightful, and not for the simple story of the blue wave crashing on the Main Line. I still like your assertion that a party that incorporates both Bernie Sanders and yourself isn’t a political party, it’s a refugee camp. I’m more and more convinced that you’re right about all these new voters in the Democratic party sparking an internal civil war.

    The article points out that many Democratic winners ran by running against the Democratic machine, or running to the left of party orthodoxy. But of all their stories, the most fascinating one was about Kendra Brooks.

    If I was a traditional Dem power broker, I’d be quaking in my boots right now about Kendra Brooks’s win: a single Black mother from the poor part of town should be the most loyal Dem supporter there is (single woman, African American, poor, mother; that’s more than a Democratic demographic trifecta right there). Yet she rejected the Democratic party, ran as an independent, *and won*. This despite the Dem establishment actively campaigning against her. Sure, she’ll probably vote with the Dems a lot of the time, but that exposes a fissure that runs far, far deeper than, say, the battle for the Philly Main Line does.

    Admittedly, this is a small victory: Brooks won a district specifically reserved for a minority party, so she didn’t beat a Democrat, she beat a Republican, which isn’t that hard to do in Philly 🙂 But regardless, I’m coming around to your idea that inner city African Americans are fed up with the Dems’ failure to provide real solutions to their problems, aside from throwing a few patronage jobs and some govt largesse at them and hoping they keep quiet and do what the precinct boss tells them to do. Kendra Brooks is the first shot across that bow. I wish her well!

      1. I love that, EJ….”It could also be called a nation”.

        There was a time when America was proud of its diverse, immigrant population. I guess when these uppity immigrants became too successful, that generosity of spirit changed for some people. Not for me. Ever.

  7. We passed the rank voting change to our City Charter here in New York City to encourage candidates to campaign and engage with voters in neighborhoods they would ordinarily skip. Now, if we could only do something to simplify the 36 tables we encounter upon walking into the school gym (District#, judicial area#, city rep#, Council#) yep…you better go to the right one or end up waiting in the wrong line with the wrong ballot. 🙂

    1. Go to all mail voting, so one’s living room is the polling booth. It works well in WA & OR. Some other states are moving in that direction. In WA we started the process by allowing voters to register for permanent absentee voting and then switching to total absentee voting with return postage paid and numerous drop boxes. However, the lack of a statewide voter database slowed down adoption of same day and automatic registration, which will be in place for the 2020 elections.

  8. Here in TX we can hope to flip the state House and a few more US House seats. Senate is a long shot, but the upcoming impeachment will give Cornyn lots of opportunity to cover himself in disgrace.

    The prospect of several more weeks of Turner and Buzbee sniping at each other in the Houston mayoral runoff makes me long for some ranked choice voting like NYC got.

    1. We had an election with seven people running in a special election fot city council that cried out for ranked choice voting. The stakes were huge — council will be deciding next year on a $305 million bond for a new coliseum, financed by a TIF that covers most of the downtown area and over $3.5 billion in property assessments. There were three candidates running on explicit opposition to this plan; one of them won. Together they got 57% of the vote.

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