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The Russian Judges Just Ended the Republic

The Russian Judges Just Ended the Republic

The US Supreme Court issued a decision yesterday stating that Donald Trump can do whatever he wants. Ignore the handwaving and spin. The Court’s decision in Trump v US means, explicitly, that the six Republican justices will allow Trump to commit whatever crimes he wants as long as he continues to prop up a white nationalist order. That’s it.

Of course, they didn’t use those words, but they got pretty close. To achieve their goals the Court invented a convoluted world of “outer” and “core” Presidential acts with no coherent explanation of the difference and no judicial precedent to provide guidance. There’s a priceless line in the decision, clerks must have been chuckling with glee as they typed it, “We recognize that only a limited number of our prior decisions guide determination of the President’s immunity in this context.” By “limited,” they mean “none.”

How did six Republicans who claim to loathe government overreach just vote to create an elected dictator? They didn’t. They voted to make Donald Trump a dictator. If your guy wins, they’ll just rearrange the word salad of that decision to find him accountable wherever necessary. Our six Republican justices wrote a decision that was purposely convoluted, unprecedented and arbitrary. It cannot be capably interpreted by any lower court, state or federal. This decision preempts every criminal law that might ever be applied to a current, former or potential President, and strips the capacity of any other court to render a decision. No American President can be prosecuted for anything they do until six Republican judges decide it’s ok.

The Court even invented magic language that protects a potential Republican President. With an eye toward Trump’s settled conviction for embezzling campaign money to pay off a porn star, the Court’s decision invalidates many forms of evidence collection against Donald Trump. Once Donald became President, they’re going to claim, his embezzlement was protected.

It was a terrible mistake six years ago not to discredit all of Donald Trump’s judicial appointees. They are all illegitimate, products of a concerted campaign by enemies of democracy at home and abroad to destroy our way of life. They are The Russian Judges and they should have been stripped of power by any and all available means. As described in a post six years ago, this should have been a day to day element of Democratic campaign language:

These are the Russian Judges, lifetime appointees to the federal judiciary whose positions were secured through fraud and enemy interference. Their appointments are illegitimate, which means their day to day activities lack force of law. If we are, as we claim to be, a nation of laws, then the Russian Judges have to go.

When the traitors have been removed and a legitimate government established, the Russian Judges should be asked by the new President to resign. Many of them are ordinary figures. At the President’s discretion, their names could be resubmitted for appointment. Those who refuse to resign should be impeached. Failing impeachment, the new executive branch should seek their re-assignment, or re-organize the courts in ways that leave those judges isolated from hearing important cases.

It would have been easier to fight this battle eight years ago, or six years ago, or four years ago. It still looms over us, more daunting than ever. Win or lose in 2024, Americans who care about the rule of law, democracy and the protection of human rights cannot achieve any of their goals while the Russian Judges continue to undermine justice. The Russian Judges have blocked every effort to fight climate change, protect American children gun terror, remedy generations of white nationalist oppression, and block corporations from polluting our air and water. There is nothing ordinary Americans need from public life that these “judges,” bought and paid for by our enemies, aren’t standing ready to block. They have to go, and every court decision determined by their presence has to be revisited.

Forget all the rules of American politics. This fight is beyond elections and laws. We are in the late stages of a coup. The Third Republic, the political order we’ve lived under since the 1930’s, has been destroyed. Democrats we elected with strenuous effort still haven’t come to terms with the magnitude of this emergency.

The longer we put off dealing with this situation, the uglier and more violent it’s going to be. An election will not solve this problem. For almost 250 years, no one here has lived in a place where leaders are above the law. You do now. Judges, who are not up for election this fall or ever, did that. They going to stop their campaign until they’ve installed a dictator capable of turning back the clock of progress and restore a white nationalist order.

We aren’t going to live in a democracy again until we start supporting leaders willing to build one. The one we thought we had is gone.


  1. Because this timeline can always get worse, there’s also the post debate fallout over Biden’s cognitive fitness. Of course Trump’s issues with the same thing don’t get the same attention. I can’t say whether Joe should stay or go, because I don’t have the crucial bit of data: what his true cognitive state is. His inner circle does know. Incumbency remains a big advantage in an election, but if the inner circle is covering for a major decline in the 14 months since he announced, they are taking a dangerous and irresponsible gamble. If the bad debate performance was a fluke, then Biden has to prove it, with more live appearances. His age and possible decline does indeed worry me, but Trump’s malice, dishonesty, ignorance, corruption, and petty vindictiveness horrify me.

    I do derive some bitter amusement from Alito and Thomas whining about all the bad press they’ve been getting for their open corruption and lack of impartiality. But those are mere mosquito bites.

    1. Tough to see how it can at this point. The western states, particularly California, have been taxed without adequate representation for decades now. Nothing we vote on matters, so why pay federal taxes at this point? How can we accept yet another con man president who lost the popular vote? Why obey laws that only apply to us?

      I got over my distaste of firearms after first watching Jan 6, then in October 2021 this supposed “democracy” used something called a “filibuster” to block VOTING RIGHTS. It was pretty clear then where this was all headed.

      1. Anyone who isn’t a fascist needs to get over the mindset that you cannot safely own and know how to operate a firearm. They won’t lose their value and they have inherent value in times of anarchy and despotism.

        Not to mention that Trump could be President with explicit immunity for “Official Acts” in a little over 6 months.

        Believing you can count on your local police to protect you from right-wing paramilitaries is a huge mistake. They’ll be the ones calling their friends in the paramilitary with the juicy intelligence.

        Each and every individual will be responsible for protecting themselves, their family, and their community. Go grab a firearm or two and some ammo as the prices aren’t going to get cheaper anytime soon.

        The Second Amendment isn’t just a right, it’s a responsibility.

    1. I’ve seen it pointed out multiple times that the SCOTUS has no enforcement mechanism, that their authority derives from the public’s faith in their integrity and impartiality. They eroded that badly with their shameful acceptance of bribes and refusals to recuse. This abomination of a ruling completes the destruction. They have earned a civil disobedience response. As IANAL, I am curious as to who is best positioned to do this (Blue state AGs?) and how it can be done. Yes it will make things initially worse, but not as bad as zero pushback, I think.

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