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The Trump Era by the Numbers

The Trump Era by the Numbers

End of Obama Admin, January 2017End of Trump Admin, January 2021
Unemployment Rate4.7%6.3%
GDP Growth Rate (annual)1.7%-3.49%
US Debt as % of GDP103%130%
New jobs over course of administration10.3 million-3 million
Americans without health insurance28 million30 million
Net annual US immigration1.06 million.4 million
Growth of annual net migration35%-62%
Life Expectancy78.877.3
Texas GDP$1.6 trillion$1.7 trillion, 6% growth
California GDP$2.591 trillion$2.722 trillion, 8% growth
Annual Opioid Deaths66,57795,381
Number of Administration and campaign officials indicted018 and counting
# of Police Officers injured or killed in attempts to overturn election results0140
Total Annual Police Deaths, 2016/2020183383
Total US Coal Mining Jobs
Jan. 201750,900
Jan. 202142,400
Market CapitalizationJan 2017Jan 2021
First Solar$6.9b$11b
The New York Times$2.1b$8.25b
Peabody Coal$5.17b$.3b
Core Civic (prisons)$3.4b$.8b

Covid Deaths per 1M pop. (11/21)
S. Korea60

A few other interesting stats. 

Between 2000-2010, about one third of US counties saw their population decline.

More than half of US counties saw their population decline between 2010 & 2020.

Trump won 90% of the counties that lost population in the last decade. The dominant statistic tying these counties together is a lack of either immigration, or in-migration. Counties won by Biden generate more than two thirds of all US GDP. Trump dominated areas that are stagnating culturally and economically.

Rural hospital closures spiked in 2020, exacerbating a long term decline in access to health care in rural areas. 

Already, 2021 is the deadliest year for police officers in living memory. Thanks to Republicans, vaccine refusal has resulted in almost 300 officer deaths so far this year, even higher than last year’s total. Compare that to only 183 deaths in 2016 from all causes.

Politics is always a matter of life and death.


  1. The Rodney King, err, sorry Kyle Rittenhouse verdict is out. Acquitted on all counts…

    Apparently, driving *to* a riot 30 miles away, with your rifle, then “defending” a piece of random property you have no tie to, can now be considered self defense. At least if you’re white…

    1. I watched CNN for about 2 hours immediately after the verdict was rendered. As usual, there was a panel of “experts”.

      In this case, however, not a single one was in any way surprised by the verdict. All said that the correct legal choice was made, or that the prosecution did not make their case. Even the anchor seemed blase about it, or resigned to the fact, take your pick. As it was explained to Bill Maher last night, it was illegal for Rittenhouse to buy the gun, but not illegal to transport the gun across state lines. Maher said that is insane, and he is not wrong. So change the laws…good luck with that.

      I also note, that outside of anarchy central aka Portland, I have yet to see any large scale unrest. This is one case where the media chose the most sensationalist view, ran with it (I got sucked in) and then when the reality came out on video….well, average people cooled down.

      Of course the kid was nuts. Of course the kid should have never been there. But for the charges that were brought against him…not guilty.

    2. Easily fixable.

      The next time a teenager with an assault rifle approaches you at a protest, shoot them in the face without hesitation, and claim self-defense. Especially if you’re white.

      One of two things will happen. Teenagers will stop bringing assault rifles to protests because they know they’ll get shot in the face without question. Or you’ll go to jail and provide a precedent to overturn self-defense laws. Or both.

  2. Those are great numbers but utterly meaningless to predicting the political future. As you’ve mentioned time and again, people respond to stories, not numbers. Our brains are not wired to process numbers.

    Here’s another fact (confirming what you’ve written about in previous posts): in 2021, after the introduction of vaccines, covid deaths have disproportionately affected republican areas of the country:

    Before vaccines, death rates in red vs blue counties were about the same. Now, due to differences in vaccination rates, death rates are significantly higher in red counties.

    Why do I bring this up? Forget about the average American. Any Republican political strategist would realize that continuing to promote vaccine hesitance among their voters is leading to their voters literally dying off. And yet, they still promote it. If even very smart people who are paid to understand numbers don’t care that they’re killing off their own voters, then what effect do we expect these numbers to have on the voters themselves?

    At this point, 40% of Republicans (the unvaccinated) are willing to die to “own the libs”. If they wish to die off in greater numbers, that’s fine with me. It’s the only form of MAGA I’ll happily support.

    1. Exactly.

      As Chris, and thousands others have said, if the death cult is willing to kill themselves to maintain their membership in said cult (call it protecting their culture, whatever you like), then they certainly have no issue killing YOU or anyone else they consider OTHER.

      The smartest thing the Dem’s can do is recognize that, today, while they still have control of the military, and start wiping out the death cult leadership. I have said it dozens of times. Democracy is dead in the u.s. The only way to resuscitate it in some form is through extremely undemocratic acts.

      Because the death cult will most certainly use the same tactics on their enemies. We have seen that already. It is called war. The loser party cannot, or will not, recognize they are in one.

      1. Jon

        “When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back.” – Nietzsche

        Politicide isn’t the answer. Eliminating the leaders would only create martyrs. The mindless cult doesn’t require someone with intellect, skill, or oratorical gifts to be a leader (see Trump 2016-2020). The Republican Party is a Hydra.

        I’m not sure what the answer is, but Democrats will not trample on the Constitution to preserve its principals. I don’t foresee any political Hercules on the horizon for the Left.

    2. I would be curious to read more about the short term impact of Covid deaths on the number of red and blue voters in southern states. I do realize: “In the long run we are all dead” – John Maynard Keynes.

      I am also curious about the Covid impact on Social Security solvency due to the “early” deaths of many older Americans.

  3. Despite population gains in people of color in county after county (TX and other states), where Republicans are in the legislative majority, they are using the gerrymander to artificially create more white/Republican seats.

    Minority rule in a majority diverse country is being orchestrated through new voting laws and redistricting. Given the apparent inability or courage by DoJ Merrick Garland to protect the rule of law and hold accountable those who have already demonstrated their embrace of neofascism and white supremacy, and the very real prospect of a Republican sweep in mid terms, my personal outlook is grim.

  4. And Trump’s followers would vote him again and again on the grounds that “if we keep electing him, he eventually will deliver on his campaign promises to make us great again” and “Trump didn’t succeed the first time because the awful, cannibal, pedophile, Satan worshiping Democrats stopped him” even though Trump had a trifecta for his first two years in office just like President Biden does now and former President Obama had when he was elected and even former President Reagan got more done with a split Congress.

  5. I got friends and family that voted for Trump. They will just called this fake news. If getting wallop like they did during the Trump years does not change them , what would? We just got to get engaged, out vote them and let them know we can and will if necessary match them with violence for violence. In my opinion the country finally relented in civil rights legislation in the sixties because the elite opposing that realize their own precious skin was at risk. I lived through that time and wonder if we were on the verge of civil war. I suspect the yokels backing this crap are not willing to stomach a real civil war where they stood a very good chance of them and their families being killed.

      1. Shrug.

        There won’t be a 2nd Civil War. 12-14 months ago, yeah, there was really strong possibility. Not anymore. The loser party is full of snowflakes and woke who think “harm” is someone disagreeing with them. There is no chance they will stand up to the death cult.

        The only way the loser party has any chance against the death cult is if the military actually takes sides. Then a real war breaks out, as battle lines are drawn within the military itself.

        The stock market has been a huge run lately, and I am making significant paper profits. I expect more of the same for the next 8-10 months. Maybe I will crystallize some of those profits with some sales before the mid-terms, but really, it should make very little difference when the death cult takes the House. The Dem’s are hopeless at passing legislation now, so it will be hard to tell the difference starting in Jan 2023.

        The REAL movements start when the tyrant ascends again in 2025. That is when they might start rounding up the various members of the loser party that might be a threat to them. I expect China to wait until 2025 to invade Taiwan, at which point the tyrant will shrug his shoulders and say “not our problem”.

        But even then, I doubt the global markets will react. Democracy is already dead in the u.s., and capitalism does not care.

      2. The thing is Dindale- there are LOTS of vets and active duty military that support the “loser party”. So yes- if it comes to organized political violence… the military WILL take sides – because the military is made up of Americans like every other profession.

        The Dems don’t need to fight/win militarily however. They control all the “soft power”, be it the intellectuals, the economy, etc. So the only way a civil war starts is if its instigated by the death cult… in which case at least a portion of the military will refuse to follow those orders and/or fight back against it. And because the loser party controls the soft power, any offensive operations by the death cult can’t be sustained.

        So everything falls apart, and a lot of bad happens… but sustained political violence by the death cult isn’t going to work. They can’t win…. the most they can do is assure we all lose.

      3. Cjfarls:

        The tyrant takes power again on Jan 20th because of the LEGAL gerrymandering + LEGAL vote suppression laws + state legislatures bending the knee to the death cult + general incompetence of the loser party.

        Hell, he might even win the thing straight up given how much of a mess the Dem’s are.

        And that is where a small difference kicks in. Because he will be in charge at that point, he runs the official military, the Dem’s are suddenly the domestic terrorists, the insurrectionists….

        All those retired vets won’t have access to satellites and gunships. The death cult will. Unless active military leaders start their own coup to fight back. And once again, they will be on the wrong side of the law at that point.

        There is only one way to stop this, and the loser party does not have the guts to do it.

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